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   We will only use water purifiers, but by what many people do not know the composition. A deeper understanding of water purifier, you can determine when the water purifier of problems, and effectively resolved. Xiao Bian gave you to explain the internal structure introduce water purifier.




water purifier allow you to resolve the internal structure of a clear understanding of water purifier (Photo from Internet)

   First, the composition of the water purifier

   1, low pressure switch; 2, high-voltage switch; 3, the booster pump; 4, waste water ratio; 5, inlet valve; 6, flush solenoid valve; 7, pressure tank; 8, small ball inlet; 9 , small ball pressure barrel; 10, check valve, the check valve; 11, transformer; 12, computer control panel; 13, filter

   Second, the role of fitting

   Low-voltage switchgear :( normally open) water protection with the machine. When the water pressure reaches the set value, a low pressure switch is closed, the water circuit system is turned on; when no tap water or clogging of the pretreatment filter, a low pressure switch is turned off, cutting off the circuit water system, protect the pump is not idle.

   :( normally closed high pressure switch) sensing the pressure of storage tank, with automatic opening stop. When the pressure reaches a pressure barrel (about 0.25MPa, then the pressure bucket full), high-voltage switch is turned off, cutting off the circuit water system, the whole system stops water; the barrel when the pressure falls to the pressure set value ([ 123] <0.2MPa锛屾鏃跺帇鍔涙《姘存祬)锛岄珮鍘嬪紑鍏抽棴鍚堬紝鏁存満鎭㈠鍒舵按銆?/p> booster pump: water pressure used to provide the desired working pressure RO membranes

   wastewater ratio: adjusting the proportion of pure wastewater and establish a working pressure RO membrane

   [. 123] inlet valve: cutting water when the machine is stopped, preventing subsequent a filter element continues to be pressure; b. the water through the RO membrane to prevent the waste water from the waste water stream leading to stop, reduce filter life c

   [123. ] flush solenoid valve: RO membrane providing passage fast flowing wastewater, surface water RO membranes to improve flow rate, to achieve the effect of flushing the RO membrane

   pressure tank: storage water purifier with ease RO membrane unit time contradiction between the system user and a small amount of water per unit time is large domestic water

   small ball water: water with a cutting machine during installation and replacement of the filter element

   pressure tank small ball: debugging maintenance machines and the cutting pressure after replacing the carbon filter bucket road.

   check valve, the check valve: the machine is stopped when the pressure of water to prevent the water tub through the RO membranes resulting in a waste water from the waste water to flow continuously, by receiving the back pressure bRO membrane damage, reduced filter life C .

   Transformers: providing power to the machine (DC 24V)

   Computer Control Panel: Display the status of the machine; RO membrane automatic washing machine according to the operating state; display actual time filter element to remind users to change the filter element (some models have this function); real-time monitoring of the conductivity of pure water (some models have this feature). It is noted that: the computer connector plate 12 lines were: a, yellow line connected two low-voltage switchgear; b, two blue lines connected to the high voltage switch; c, two connected black line inlet valve; d, red two bonding flush solenoid valve ; e, a high pressure pump connected to two green line, f, two white lines connected to the power supply.

   filter: the first three of PP cotton, granular activated carbon, the activated carbon are compression functions coarse filtration, trapping larger impurities in the water, which can play an effective role in protecting the RO membrane, wherein the RO membrane also known as reverse osmosis filtration membrane, which relies on a machine pressure applied to the raw water, the moisture in the raw water through the RO membrane, the raw water and minor impurities, excess inorganic salts, organic matter, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, pesticides other waste chloroform trapped down all other harmful substances, and harmful foreign substances and concentrated salt water is discharged through the continuous discharge of water, and then get out of clean drinking water.

   These are the details of the structure of water purifier content analysis, we hope there is some reference to help you understand the deeper water purifier Oh!

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