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  Well-known brands of bottled water colonies seriously overweight, how much you drink this water Author: Tim net water purification Views: 244 Date: 2019-2-25 17:02:32 Recently, the Guangzhou Bureau of Quality Supervision drinks market conduct spot checks, but the results of tests of so many people scared, take the 164 companies 239 batches of products, by the unqualified 18 batches of substandard products found was 7.5%. Pseudomonas is a failed project conductivity, yeast, total bacteria, molds and yeasts, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Which many of them many well-known brands of mineral water, bottled water, these are our daily drinking water, colonies appeared seriously overweight. The mouth, the water is an integral part of the body, but under such circumstances, do you dare to drink the water? Meanwhile, the situation is not optimistic with tap water, tap water, "color" is not a surprising thing, however, that water does not change color on some clean? Water from the water to the house, through a number of local water pipes, reservoirs and other transport, bacteria and viruses, and ultimately, sediment and other pollution, especially reservoirs, many cells can not guarantee clean, so bacteria can not escape serious the situation is the emergence of other contaminants, so more such water on the human body. To healthy drinking water, water purification and now it is ultimately the help, it can help purify the water of harmful substances, so our health curbing threats while, drinking water purifier can help us save time to boil water. The future is bound to become a water purifier home life essential artifact.

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