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  The popularity of the concept of healthy drinking water, let the water purifier has become a standard high quality of life. There may always wonder how to start some small partner in the selection of a water purifier, a variety of online information about water purification see stumbled, to the mall shopping guide has been sweet hangs. It is well known, there are various water filter types, such as: water purifier, pure water, soft water, ultrafiltration and the like. Each type of purified water purifiers have different characteristics, water can be divided into clean water, pure water, soft water three kinds of water according to the degree of purification, then three water in the end what difference will it make? For this problem is not only a lot of users do not know, in fact, even a lot of water purification agents are not very clear, so today we gave you what the characteristics of each of these three water quality explain. 01, water is filtered by the water purifier water purifier water, water quality and clean water came very rich in trace elements, regular consumption of beneficial to humans. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted) water purifiers are generally safe to drink, water purifiers generally cost between 1,000-2,000 yuan even higher, most household water purifier good choice. 02, pure water is pure water by filtration, the water of substances harmful substances, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and other filtered away. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted) water does not contain any useful trace elements, water can be said to be very clean, but there is no nutritional value, although safe to drink, but the effect is not as clean water . 03, soft water generally groundwater, well water mostly hard, often drinking hard water can lead to various diseases, such as stones and so on. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted) hard water after boiling usually produces a thick layer of scale, and the future use of water softeners soften water, then boil, there would be produced a scale , soft water to taste better than hard water, soft water is more beneficial to the human body. In addition, Xiao Bian here to remind you, in the choice of home water purification equipment but also pay attention to the following three points: 1, whether it is installed water purification machine, water purifier or water softener, it is best to install a front before these devices filter, whole house water prior to initial filter, so make drinking water and domestic water have been initially improved, and also improve the use effect and the service life of the end water equipment. 2, 3 or more of water-based devices, whether purchase, purchase depends on what kind of various water requirements, which shall be selected in the same water apparatusType (such as a terminal type or central), will have to decide based on room type, population and budget. 3, new water treatment product after another, businesses continue to introduce new terminology, new concepts, some of the same general function equipment, only the style, flow, mounting position difference (such as water softeners, water softeners and central bathing water softener, central water purification machine, end water purifier, direct drinking machine, kitchen machine, etc.), so be sure to ask when buying, so as not to repeat the installation wastage. Anzhi source

   good water source, such as any questions you want to know more about water pollution, water purification please pay attention to security aspects of the source of the public number, you can also leave a message after the addition of concern here will give you a satisfactory answer. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted)

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