Water purifier market chaos is difficult to supvise the sele
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  Water purifier market chaos is difficult to supervise the selection is the right way to learn a publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2015-12-08

   In recent years, water purifiers began to be widely accepted by consumers, market prospects. Nevertheless, there is still a water purification industry regulation in place, the standard uniform of difficult problems. Now the face of a growing number of water purification equipment appears on the market, Walter can only tell consumers is: should go to choose a water purifier according to local water quality and water demand and their families, blind selection water purification products could backfire.

   Although the water purifier market maintained rapid growth, but there is still a lot of hidden dangers exist, but Walter believes that one of the biggest risks for a water purifier market regulation is too inadequate and difficult to control.

   Some people may not understand, a mere water purifier market what unmanaged?

   It is understood that, in our country, the government approved this document and get wading water purifier companies only more than 1000, but was as high as more than 2,000 undocumented enterprises, coupled with todays networks, on-site installation and other sorts a wide variety of sales model, the consumer is difficult to distinguish between water purifier is not recognized by obtaining a detection machine.

   and water purification industry standards lag is also an important factor affecting the healthy development of water purification industry. Because of the lack of clean water standard specification, the water purifier market was mixed, for this market chaos, the relevant departments are actively discuss and develop a set of strict standards specifications. Before

   specification down to wait for the formal standard water purifier, we should also learn to select water filter criteria in the purchase of these professional knowledge to help you choose your water purifier.

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