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   In the overall downturn in the appliance industry today, the water industry can maintain 50% growth rate, it can be said that the water industry has entered a golden period of growth. But faced with the same delicious cake, water purification franchisees and agents are a joy a worry. Some of them have entered the benign development, some still work hard, there is a failure of the operation edge ...... water purifier market is a science, not reckless he was never discouraged, rational and forward method is the right way to go.

   1, thinking: water purification products, water purification industry in the end what is a thing of what to bring, how should I run

   A:?? Water purification products is a safe product, it is a healthy products, is likely to pertain to life powerful product. Water industry is a service industry, is a need to carefully sell products, intentions service users in the industry. It brings profit on sales of products, services, profit, short-term profits and long-term profits. We should be responsible in the end product to sell for in the end to do service, do not let water purification products in their own hands to become "the second melamine" incident, the second life safety hazard. Responsible for their own, responsible for the others.

   2, thinking: XX brand as regional franchisees and agents, how should I operate my business market (in terms of area for the sole prepared to join the brand)

   A:? None too much money, and personally think it is necessary to set an office, is also the first step, commonly known as "the establishment of base areas." The negotiations about your business, open up the market are very helpful. (Also the understanding of their own: not a simple sellers, but an area of 鈥嬧€媜perators and investors with)

   then the market can operate in two modes:

   The first: build a water purification trump card sales outlets, for example, establish a benchmark sales outlets in the downtown area, so that regional water purifier brand benchmarking, sales, brand, standing. Then quickly explore other clean water outlets (stores, department stores, distributors, etc.).

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