Well water have the scalto do harmful
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   well water scale is very common substance, then the well water has a scale harmful it?




often have drinking water scale which will cause any harm? Grandmother has been eating well water, but water use well water to burn out there are a lot of scale, so if regular consumption the water that would cause harm to the body of it?


so that water will not have much harm to the human body.


well water has a scale harmful it?


that belong to hard water, so-called hard water, water that contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions. When this water for home use, can not make soap foam, a layer of scale will precipitate on the laundry being washed; in the boiling water will gradually junction on a hard white scale on the bottom of the pot bottom and thermos. If such hard water used in the boiler or steam, will form a layer of calcium sulfate or silicon dioxide "hard scale" in the boiler and a bottom wall of the pipe, a layer of calcium carbonate or debris, and thus deform so that the wall superheat , leading to a risk of explosion boilers and pipes occur. This is very annoying and very scary.


Of course, an iron salt and a manganese salt water ions is one of the reasons that the water hardened. The ion-containing water would soap precipitated out rust scale generated on the fabric, if more filling the bleaching stains worse. When this water used to make tea, tea will show the surface layer of "water skin", fragrance and taste of tea is also missing. Magnesium hardness in water causes the water to an acidic with corrosion and significant, but also there is a metallic taste can irritate the eyes. Magnesium is a laxative. But magnesium ions only make people hate, but not a threat to human health.


certain hardness water, can reduce the toxicity of the metal and the incidence of cardiovascular disease, hepatobiliary or long-term consumption can cause kidney stones.


family safe drinking water Tips: How well water purification


According to well water situation in different places, such as fluorine-containing groundwater generally Loess Plateau is too high, groundwater Karst topography in general? calcium is too high (commonly known as NOx), and some ground water containing iron and manganese is too high, local conditions vary greatly, well water purification process in very different ways. In short treatment must be targeted, water quality testing should be carried out beforehand, then targeted purification treatment based on test results. Currently these treatments are relatively mature. In addition to the above outer remove excessive water minerals,Usually also for well water turbidity purification, home water purifier is a good choice, the choice of which the physical filtration, the choice of primary filter sand filtration tank, the filter can filter selected intermediate PP cotton core, a ceramic core, a deeper filter choice of ultrafiltration hollow filter, accuracy up to 0.01UM, bacteria and viruses can be filtered out.


Through the above description, you are sure to have well water safety knowledge to understand it. If you want to know more small drinking water safety knowledge, we pay more attention to stop it.




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