Rio innovation and development ideas together
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   2017, we traveled together,

   2018, we are united together!


   the new year, the water industry will be how to develop?





   is the first city country yl city the use of drinking water pipeline construction home district, country-based operations center city district drinking water, the city is also the first operator of drinking water pipeline construction units, the district center while ensuring the supply of drinking water, make full use of their own advantages and resources, innovative development ideas, and tap market potential, through inspections, investigations and technical preparation market, using imported raw materials, the use of homemade pure water, combined with a special process, the success of high-end quality Workshop beer brewing.

   After the tour experience, under the auspices of the Association Cao Xun silver president, held a live forum, 18 people responsible for the scene heard the IMF city district drinking water introduced Sun kept hi general manager of the operations center, Sun kept hi total manager of its companys "horse opera stage craft beers Workshop experience Center" and the beer brewing process, how to adhere to the industry to broaden the basis of ideas and development experience and so made a detailed introduction.


   At the meeting, Cao Xun silver president consulted on the 2018 work program with the following questions everyones opinion:

   1, adhere to the correct direction, innovation enterprising, expand the development of ideas, work together and development.

   2, give full play to the fighting force and vanguard and exemplary role of party members and party organizations of the Association, the Association to ensure that the work to a new level.

   3. Actively excellence, to create a "good party branch", "5A level of social organization."

   4, continue to focus on technology and industry laws and regulations related continuing education retraining.

   5, held the third Council, the General Assembly.

   6, the implementation of city health supervision departments on the establishment of the Xuzhou products related to drinking water hygiene supervision platform.

   7, with the assistance of government departments involved in the development of Xuzhou City, the relevant local laws and regulations for drinking water products.

   8, with the United Front group Xuzhou Yun DistrictBuilt preparations for the establishment of "Yunlong District Federation of Social sectors" to work and work.

   9, to carry out the current system within the scope of the citys industry is now selling drinking water (water purification shared) demonstration unit activities.

   10, unite the industry more outstanding units, common development and progress, offer advice and suggestions for the development of the industry, in recognition of a number of "outstanding member units" to carry out corporate integrity, integrity of business units, product quality in the industry association member unit unit trust, consumer satisfaction units (brand) activities.

   11, to attract a number of qualified units to join the Association.

   12, the establishment of Xuzhou water industry association system is now selling drinking water (water purification shared) Professional Committee.

   13, the establishment of Xuzhou water industry and professional associations Research Development Committee.

   14, the establishment of Xuzhou water industry associations Suining office.

   15 The conditions are ripe, timely Xuzhou purification create the line store monopoly area.

   16, Xuzhou promote the use of regional Internet online business platform.

   17, constantly sum up experience, to continue to hold the water industry mainly involved in "daily necessities of life into the community that benefit the trade fair" activities.

   18, aims to promote the formation of industry norms to promote the healthy development of the industry norm of about lines.


   section directors and supervisors from the people responsible for the citys water industry associations, pipeline water dispenser head of production units, the system is now part of the sale of drinking water (water purification shared) the person in charge, part of the water purifier brand sales people responsible, as well as some industry Suining, County of responsible people attended the event.




   The companys field experience exchange activities very successful!

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