The two kinds of the water quality of purwatero avoid direct
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Now many families choose pure water to ensure healthy drinking water, but the water is easy also to remind consumers, pure water is not a panacea, when there is too poor water quality conditions when using water for life will be greatly shortened, as if still in accordance with the instructions of the frequency of said filter replacement, and that drinking water can not guarantee the safety of the latter, it is recommended either case the following additional installation of pretreatment equipment, in order to truly achieve water machine to ensure the health of domestic water purposes .


much too severe water pollution impurities


water, water for direct use in the short term is not much problem, but the damage to the filter and RO membrane is large, thus giving rise to the use of Before long, water quality deterioration, the status of the machine no water.


Solution: pure water preferably can be mounted on a front end of the intake filter or pre-ultrafiltration, and then in pure water using a fine filter, which can enhance water for water production, increased water for life.


Quality Excellent


In general, water hardness is too high because of the high water content of calcium and magnesium ions, although pure water filtration accuracy 0.0001UM, one hundred percent but can not really filtered such ions dissolved in water, whereas RO membrane filtration of calcium and magnesium when we call desalination rate, currently available RO membranes have a common brand Saehan film, Dow membrane desalination rate of both are more than 90 percent, which is in the same water quality of the same below pure water TDS value of Taiwan brand filter will not necessarily be the same reason; it is precisely because the water also retains less than 10 percent of calcium magnesium reason will appear solid white powder after heating, the solid component of the difference with the main scale after purification we did not boil the water formed is: the former only calcium, magnesium; the latter may also bacteria, impurities and other substances, so there are differences between the two colors; combined with calcium and magnesium ions in water are trace elements beneficial to human body, after all filters and clean if such is not suitable for long-term drinking water instead. If you feel pure water in the filtered water is still very high hardness feeling that we can recommend to use water softeners soften water, then filtered using pure water.


Water Easy

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