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   One reporter One Foundation 2019 Grants park-cum-water purification projects to be held in Chengdu on the 28th to start the meeting was informed Coca-Cola and One Foundation jointly launched the "Project Purity" public projects will build again, and start again.


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   a glass of clean water for urban residents, is a thing for granted. However, in the vast land of China, there are many children in craving a glass of clean water. According to 2012 official data show that there are 114,000 rural schools needed to solve drinking water safety, the number of unsafe drinking water in rural areas up to 29810 people. That is the year, Coca-Cola and One Foundation took note of the harsh fact, jointly launched the "Project Purity" public projects, installing water purification equipment and the issuance of cups in rural schools, to carry out water and health education.




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   Sichuan high altitude, very remote, harsh climatic conditions Shiqu County, hydatid disease spread high incidence. Drinking surface water contaminated by livestock is a major cause of suffering from the disease. In recent years, the government has to improve the local environment through water gradually increase financial input and carry out prevention and treatment of hydatid disease.

   April 2017, the CDC Ganzi carried out in the local drinking water testing, several primary schools located in Shiqu County, Ma sipping Township and other places also been detected fluorides exceeded. Let plateau campus kids can drink clean water, this care, driving the Coca-Cola once again approached their side. COFCO Coca-Cola select by sending Shiqu County, who was deputy head of Wei, let us know the status quo of drinking water to local schools, then, COFCO Coca-Cola decided to build a "purification" of the road leading to Shiqu. After repeated communication COFCO Coca-Cola Company and Sichuan local County Board of Education, the school site finalized, water quality testing, field visits to local office staff, as well as actively coordinate with the One Foundation water purifier service providers to give their strong support of four net water equipment finally set foot on bumpy road in western Sichuan plateau.

   In "Project Purity", the implementing partner is responsible for four car Anyang installation and commissioning of water purification equipment. After arriving from Xian Shiqu he spent almost two days, arrived in Shiqu county, the need to re-seventy to eighty kilometers to reachArea is located in Los shall, hemp and other places sipping township four schools. In August, in the summer season it should be, snow has begun to plateau, in addition to the cold chill, as well as altitude sickness greet car Anyang. The long road bumps, making the device when delivered three schools, has been damage to internal parts. Dizziness, tightness, no cell phone signal at the local, had to return the car in Anyang county to buy spare parts. Three days later, finally installed a water purifier. Taking into account the subsequent equipment maintenance, car Anyang for a special training for designated teachers in each school, and he finally could not carry all the way back and forth with the tired response plateau, fell ill.

   while the kids have their own water purification cups, they curiously Bay in the past, then a cup of sweet clean water. The children smile, let everyone, including car Anyang, including participating in the action, also bloom from the heart smile. This is the Coca-Cola "Project Purity" of a root, is "we care" convergence of forces, because you care, no high altitude, the cold was warm, the water is always sweet.

   It is understood that, "Project Purity" now covers 28 provinces, there are more than 600 volunteers joined, put in more than 2,000 water purification equipment. Outside Sichuan, Ganzi Shiqu County, "Project Purity" also entered the Nanchong, Guangyuan, put in a total of 30 sets of water purification equipment, nearly 2 million people benefited.

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