The benefits and necessity of pre-installed home water purif
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   Pre-purification is mainly a first coarse filtration device to track whole-house water. After installing home, intercepting water hazards caused by coarse particles of impurities, sediment and rust on the family, the body and skin to avoid harm. And downstream water pipes and other home appliances play a positive pre-protection. Today, smallll tell you about the advantages of whole house water purifier and the necessity to install.




the benefits and necessity of pre-installed home water purifier (Photo from Internet)

   First, the pre-installed water purifiers benefits [ 123]

   1. resolve secondary pollution duct

   pre-filtration accuracy of 5-100 m water purifier, the naked eye can filter impurities. Greatly extend the service life of downstream equipment.

   2. Soften water to prevent scale, to prevent corrosion


   Pre-purification may prevent binding of calcium and magnesium carbonate and silver ions, which play a scale, and capable of tank inner wall forms a protective film nanoscale state, from the vessel wall to prevent corrosion effect.

   3. The preamble can be used as a water purifier preprocessor

   water purifier using PP cotton, which is known as filtration accuracy between 1-50 microns. Replacement frequency is too high, can not be achieved backwash filter, is replaced by the pre-purifier trend.

   Second, it is necessary to install home water purifier front it?

   1. The pre-installed water filter filtration powerful


   of the meter installation prefilter , a 40 micron impurities may be removed sufficiently to avoid contamination sand, rust and the like. Purification seen, significant filtering effect.

   2. Pre-mounted water filter appliance can play a protective effect on

   prefilter to protect appliances, in particular water heaters, washing machines, etc., reduce corrosion, clogging happens, the device extended periods of time.

   3. Pre-mounted water filter without loss, low cost

   Compared with other purification equipment, does not consume material, amount, as long as the regular backwash function will be. Such devices use a long time and high cost.

   above is the benefits and necessity of pre-installed water filter installed, hope to help you understand the pre-netWater advantage is, play a role in helping the reference water purifier optional aspects.

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