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   In China domestic residents drinking water treatment technology mainly in the two areas, tap water plant after the first, by coagulation and sedimentation, plus bleach disinfection process, subject belong to low-quality drinking water, and often suffered water network , pipeline pollution and other issues, the merits of water quality is self-evident. Another area mainly in the drinking water market, which uses technologies such as ultrafiltration and microfiltration processing and production of mineral water and using reverse osmosis technology processing production of pure water, both to solve the water clean and safe drinking water issues, but are not long-term drinking, there is very limited scope of the audience, on the other hand due to the high cost, can not completely solve the problem of clean and safe water, the limitations are obvious.



   With the development of science and technology of water treatment processes, the market has been the emergence of a suitable home can solve residential drinking water safe and clean water handling equipment - water purification machines, its low input costs filtering effect is obvious, convenient and practical, market potential is huge. With the recent frequent occurrence of water pollution, drinking water health problems people suffer further attention. In the next 20 years or even longer, the water purification industry is undoubtedly a tremendous untapped opportunities in the industry! 1.3 billion people, China is a water purifier market has tremendous allure. Business opportunities, unlimited development! Water purifier industry is becoming a sunrise industry twenty-first century! In the early twentieth century twenty-first century, China began to develop its own water purifier, which spring dew, Patio, Angel, Mai , net of the spring and so is this time appeared in recent years as the United States, Haier, Gree, nine Yang, Mu Four seasons songs, Unilever and other famous enterprises to enter, pushing the water industry into the hot stage.

   whether domestic or foreign water purifier brand, are doing the best to promote products, services, building the biggest business platform, do the best of the modern enterprise, which is the wealth of values, but also a lot of water purifier brands are trying to create for the simple life more moving! home kitchen water purifier now more people pay attention, household water purifiers, water purifiers ultrafiltration central villa there is a large market. Currently on the market RO Water Purifier, ultrafiltration stainless steel pipe water purifier, direct drinking machine, water softener in general have a higher degree of acceptance. Water purifier manufacturers have a lot, if you want to agents, joined, wholesale, distribution, investment, should choose more high-strength water purifier company. But is such a ChaoyangIndustry, not as popular as color TV, air conditioning and other electrical appliances to every household?

   When the water purifier market has not really into the specification and order of business model, a brand in order to stand out and achieved great success , no more than two points, or have the same level of product beyond the force that will rival far behind, either have excellent marketing team, marketing work done fast. If both, then the brand would like to unsuccessful are difficult and may even change the competitive landscape segment.

   Looking back over the years of development, domestic water purifier is a small to large, from weak to strong, enterprise development textbooks come from behind. Products from the early to the later service, to the brands generous production. Along the way, many domestic brands have successfully achieved a magnificent turn to the brand of the road.

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