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  Core Tip: [hyperlink] net water purifier water purifier function is to filter impurities pollutants in water through its filter cartridge filter, the water to reach safety and health standards for drinking water. Effective water purifier can be

   [hyperlink] purifier network The water purifier is used to filter contaminants from water through which an impurity filter screen, tap water to achieve safety and health standards for drinking water. Effective water purifier can be more than 99% of the bacteria, impurities, heavy metals was filtered off, and depending on the water filter cartridge. But according to the survey data show that over 75% of households do not change the filter specification, which is the largest water purifier market pain points.


   It is precisely because there is such a filter effect, if not in time to replace the filter, consumers buy water purifier but may become water, a water purifier which philosophy is contrary to the market.

   Many families because there is no timely to remind the replacement brands, or do not understand the importance of obtaining results in long-term replace the filter when the filter cartridge is saturated when the harmful substances in water not only will not be adsorbed, but also increase water pollution, secondary pollution is 10 times or 20 times serious than tap water. The traditional sales model water heater market.

   water purifier filter replacement What should I do?

   1, water purifier filter replacement preparations

   during the water purifier filter before replacing, first make sure your own home water purifier filter what type and material, which then go to the store to buy a cartridge of the same type, and are ready to replace the relevant tool basically it.

   The next thing to do is to close off the entire water inlet pipe cleaner, after all, only cleaner does not work in order to better working condition.

   2. Replacement of water purifier filter

   After the preparation work is completed, i.e. after closing the valve fell into the water, we also need to discharge water remaining in the water purifier among clean. Here we only need to open the usual turn on the water faucet, then one of the water discharge water purifier on it. Then it is open inside the water purifier, filter replacement operation of the water purifier.

   3, water purifier filter mounting method

   First of all, open the internal water purifier, followed netWater heater inside the old cartridge to find out. Finally, the method according to the new specification will be installed through the filter on it.

   To do the following: First, put the filter hose ends and clear bottles found machines, followed by dry control filter clear bottles inside the water, the water then opened on the water purifier filter [ 123] linker, remove the old pre-filter, replacement of the filter, and finally the original capped tighten the connector plug of the hose can be used.

   However, it is best to conduct a check to see whether there has been leakage occurs.

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