Storm water pollution caused by pathogenic may sound healthd
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Recently, most of the country have seen a continued strong rains, the general public should pay attention to prevention of geological disasters arising therefrom, as well as travel urban waterlogging traffic problems. While heavy rains causing inconvenience to the production and life of urban residents, but also a security risk to healthy drinking water, drainage pipes and other urban infrastructure and public. Recall that in 2009 Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region new urban water pollution due to heavy rainfall events resulting in thousands of people sick in 2010, Longyan City, Fujian Zijin Mining Groups Purple Mountain Copper water pollution, the main city of Mianyang, Sichuan Province in 2011 broke out more than drinking water pollution major accidents, people have to be cautious. Rongsheng water purifier manufacturers to remind you: in the home at any time to monitor water quality, such as color, taste, etc., to protect their families healthy drinking water.

   triggered a storm of how health threat?

   a storm really so horrible? We simply analyze.

   in some areas due to the flood control and flood busy while ignoring the supervision and inspection of heavy metals in sewage and chemical companies, especially in rain and flood-prone areas, some "unscrupulous businesses" as a cover to storm flood, wantonly waste-water treatment, snuck high concentration in excess sewage, even without any treatment directly into the river.

   sewage water from entering water pipes, drinking water because of weak pipelines, pipeline closures incomplete or not in place, could lead directly to contamination of drinking water after heavy rain. Nice drinking contaminated water may cause bacillary dysentery, typhoid and other intestinal infectious diseases.

   terminal clean water, healthy drinking water to defend

   water accounts for about 70% of the human body, the higher the proportion of infants and young children. Healthy drinking water is a top priority. The face of storms, how do we protect the health of your family drinking it (Xiao Bian by: if not because of heavy rain, the domestic water security risks are still underestimated.)? Our traditional approach is to boil the water to boil to death of bacteria . However, due to the complexity of domestic water, boiling method can kill the bacteria, but can not afford to chemical substances and heavy metals and other harmful ingredients.

   36-year-old brand water purifier manufacturers may sound engineers to remind you to drink healthy water, just install a home water purifier can be. Ronshen filtered water purifier can effectively float, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, of chlorine bleach and other harmful substances. Escort for the whole family healthy drinking water. Rongsheng household water purifiers easy installation, safety, priceGrid affordable, clean water is the Chinese family the best choice.

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