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   this year, "3.15" Consumer Protection Day "quality consumer, Better Life" theme, meaning that consumer demand for quality consumer increasingly intense. Water purification industry leaders clean water sources, water industry focused for 17 years, concerned about the health of drinking water every family, to keep pace with technological breakthroughs through all aspects of water purification, energy saving innovation, security and other services, to enhance the quality of drinking water, so that hundreds of millions of Chinese families drinking water more healthy life!


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   nanofiltration core technology, leading health quality of drinking water

   the rise of consumption quality of drinking water relating to the quality of the water purifier made higher demand, purified water is not only safe, but also to health! According to the survey found that the current market mainstream water purification technology mainly to UF and RO reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration technology which can not be filtered because of chlorine and heavy metals and other hazardous substances, leading to inadequate security; and RO reverse osmosis water purification technology due to excessive "purified", purified water almost does not contain any minerals, long-term drinking is not conducive to good health. Clean water source lasted five years, cost billion or independently developed a new generation of low-pressure selective nanofiltration filter patent, by charge interaction between the nanoscale aperture charged groups and sieving, to achieve selective filtration of certain isolates, effective remove the water of bacteria, chlorine and heavy metals and other harmful substances, but also appropriate to retain the human body needs minerals, the daily drinking water safety and health, to further improve family health drinking water quality, there are more suitable home for the elderly, pregnant women, children and families long-term use.

   saving water and electricity, promote green low-carbon quality of life

   Guanghui is the gold and silver mines, under the leadership of national policies and guidance of the leaders, all the people establish and practice green low carbon, energy saving quality of life. In civilian areas of water purification, water purification technology is still in traditional, made out of a glass of water, it will have the status of a cup of waste water, and some even made out of a glass of clean water will produce three cups of wastewater, resulting in a serious waste of water resources. A low-pressure clean water source generation patented selective nanofiltration filter, low pressure, flux, a water-saving energy efficiency, cups made of water, only a glass of wastewater, wastewater significantly reduce emissions than traditional water purifier saving about 3 times, energy saving and environmental protection. Nanofiltration water purifier

   In addition, the clean water source with a water-saving control valve can be based on water quality, water conservation local conditions to develop personalized solutions, more flexible, more water! Its flagship Pitt starD601 nanofiltration water purifier, provided with a "100-1000" ten speed saving control valve, the raw water TDS value interval is divided more finely, adaptable, efficient conservation of water resources, energy saving and environmental protection.

   quality service to ensure worry-free quality of drinking water

   details highlight the quality, ingenuity achievement model! Attention to clean water source every user product experience, strong service team guarantee worry-free drinking water. Clean water source service range covering more than 90% of the area, there are hundreds of contracted service outlets, in response to customer issues within two hours, the call center year-round, provide timely and efficient service to ensure that every user can enjoy clean water source "five" service:

   worry: free delivery installation, buy more peace of mind;

   at ease: one year warranty and lifetime maintenance, with more confidence; [123 ]

   intimate: active treatment within 2 hours reflect the problems, more intimate services;

   concern: the purchase of products, timely telephone follow usage, you feel our care;

   intimate : filter replacement reminder, intelligence service, we carefully guard the water quality in your home. Since


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   quality of professional achievement, quality brand cast brilliant

   As Chinas water industrys leading enterprises, the clean water source was established 17 years, technology and innovation as a business an engine for development, engineering, civil, commercial water treatment field has always occupied an important position. In Beijing has a large-scale film production and R & D base, and the whole industry chain of membrane technology has completely independent intellectual property rights, in terms of water purification technology, clean water source so far has made more than 500 patents, proprietary technology nearly a thousand projects, access the national Science and technology progress Award, Ministry of Education, Science and technology Prize and many other honors, and commitment to the national "major water projects", "863", "national technology support Program" and other national issues. Its water purification products not only through the Australian standards bodies WaterMarkLevel1 product certification, but at the APEC summit, "along the way" in the World Summit provides a safe and healthy drinking water for the participating leaders to show the world the strength of our powerful water purification products.

   the quality of consumption, leading the good life! Nanofiltration water purification machines with clean water source "core" guardian of each user DrinkWater, health, to enhance the quality of drinking water! Future, clean water source will continue to develop innovation, focus on product quality, and promote quality upgrading the entire water purification market.

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