Ningxia will cite parallel to protect ruradrinkg war safety
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   Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Ecological Environment Agency, Department of Agriculture have jointly issued the rural scheme proposed by the delineation of water source protection areas, strengthen water quality monitoring, investigation and environmental risks of water three measures to strengthen the rural drinking water source protection to ensure the safety of drinking water in rural areas .


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   Under the program, by the end of 2020, Ningxia municipalities, counties (districts) will be completed in a population of 10,000 or water daily water supply 1000 more tons of drinking water source protection area delineation and assessment survey work, and with reference to the relevant technical requirements, set clear geographical landmarks and obvious warning signs in the drinking water source protection area boundaries, strengthen the management of drinking water signs and isolation facilities maintenance .

   To strengthen the monitoring of drinking water quality in rural areas, Ningxia municipalities, county (district) government will organize relevant units to monitor and evaluate the safety of drinking water of the administrative areas of drinking water sources, water supply units, the user taps the effluent water quality status, control the whole process from the source to the tap, the water supply and population monitoring time in 1 million people or more than 1,000 tons of daily water supply of drinking water per quarter.

   In addition, environmental risks for rural drinking water sources, Ningxia will likely affect the water environment safe drinking water in rural areas of risk sources chemical, paper, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and other sources of risk and sewage garbage, livestock, etc. comprehensive investigation thoroughly, the investigation established the list of problems is sorted out, the sewage outfall of protected areas and resolutely close down or dismantle prohibited illegal sewage, ensure safe drinking water.

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