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   contaminants in water

   are complex, toxic and harmful substances in the water about a thousand more than 200 kinds can be divided into five categories according to the class:

   [123 .] 1 rust, silt, float;.

   2 pesticides, fertilizers, detergents;.

   3 viruses, bacteria, organic matter;

   4 flop. , odor, inorganic;.

   5 radioactive viruses, bacteria, fine particles.


   The household water purifiers

   First stage: Microfiltration: Microfiltration removal of various visible water / dust and impurities. These particulate materials from aging pipes, rust, etc. roof tank secondary pollution.

   Second stage: Carbon compression: Compression carbon to remove chlorine and organic impurities, such as hazardous pesticides. It can absorb water to produce organic odor, color and odor, water disinfection by-products derived from these substances.

   Third stage: membrane: membrane is capable of removing bacteria, viruses and spores in water and other substances.

   Fourth stage: filter life indicator: the interior of the structural design of a gear means, with the water through, so that a rotation of the gear inside the axial movement, until the outlet blocked, water can not pass , which is calculated by the total over-designed travel water purifier to ensure the water is safe.

   purifier or withheld, can effectively remove a variety of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, soluble solids, organic pollution, calcium and magnesium ions can not pass reverse osmosis membrane, so as to achieve quality softening purification purposes.

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