Water purifier market penetration gradually increase the fas
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   China water purifier industry for nearly 30 years of history, from the early "free experience" extended to "lease" type sales, penetration is still less than 3% of sales in recent years, but at 40% per year rising above the average growth rate did not fall, can not help but suspect that the water industry "free cake" can eat how long?

   2014 water industry status quo analysis

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   rapid development of the water purifier market penetration gradually increase (Source network)

   entered a period of adjustment, the water purifier market maintained fast development; business moves frequently, constantly improve the rapid development of power-pure water; the growing influence of online; water purifier market will maintain rapid development.

   the first quarter of 2014, due to the introduction of energy-saving PWM policy, the implementation of new energy efficiency standards and other policy changes, the impact of the Internet affect the cause of the home appliance industry, the real estate market adjustment, resulting in the Chinese home appliance industry market overall weakness. According to Chinese reports released by the hall 2013--2018 years of market survey Chinese water purifier and water purifier industry has learned that the first quarter of 2014, Chinas washing machine terminal retail sales fell 1.7 percent year on year, to open the door cold. Chinas color TV market, domestic sales fell 13.3 percent year on year.

   water purifier market is growing rapidly, attracting crowded. Many manufacturers, marking the huge potential for the development of water purification industry, also caused water purification industry disorderly chaos. As the sound development of the industry, water purification products still can continue to maintain the upward development. In early

   In 2014, some of the water purifier business promotion activities carried out, but the water purifier pushed to the front of the stage, some of the water purifier manufacturers also played thousand dollars below the price of the industry continue to break the bottom line, will this water purifier a few thousand dollars "luxury" down to the status of ordinary consumer goods, which greatly expanded the penetration of water purifiers. So that more of the younger generation of consumers more aware of this product, consumer awareness began to be greatly enhanced, and with greatly improved living standards, water purification products are also popular sight.

   Early in the water industry, hindering water purifier market penetration into four main areas: low consumer awareness, high prices, sales are not in place and the market disruption caused by quality problems, but the development of today, these problems It is gradually being digested.

  Water purification industry due to the special nature of the product, consumers have gradually realized that as the environment changes, water purifiers have become necessities of life. So that consumers correctly understand the problem of water purification, water purifier to understand the effectiveness, so that every Chinese household water purifiers become necessary products, has become a priority throughout the development of water purification industry.

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