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   2018 appliance industry growth rate of decline in the face of pressure, coupled with the macroeconomic impact of the down real estate, home water purifier market growth is also under some pressure. But under the influence of consumption upgrade, the real estate policy fine decoration, household water purifier market in 2019 is still expected to show a rising trend in heavy volume.

   home water purifier market bear with the end of clean water, whole house water purification two blocks, both of which are facing varying degrees of challenge, and there are still some potential opportunities, how to seize opportunities, to achieve in 2019 Breakout is a question worth considering.



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   about to enter the end of the water purification and upgrading universal dual channel

   [ 123] according to the PRC estimates data, in 2018 from January to October retail sales end of the water purifier market grew 6.5%, retail sales grew 15.7%, on the basis of two consecutive years 2016,2017 slowdown of the growth rate further lowered, the growth rate decreased in volume by 3.3%, 2.6% decline in retail sales growth. End water purifier market, is facing the biggest challenge since the end of 2013, the outbreak of the water purifier market.

   2019, more issues and options before the water purification business, the end of the water purifier market growth will face even greater pressure. But with the trend of consumption upgrade and enhancement of health-conscious consumers, a growing number of consumers as standard healthy living water purifier to buy, this trend has spread from the cities to the rural market market. Tier cities and towns in rural areas has become the main battlefield of household water purifier, water purifier market promising.


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   water purification companies need to work together to increase three or four lines water purification cities and urban areas, rural outreach efforts. Also from the current development trend of view of household water purifiers, consumers have not only to meet the basic functions of purifying water purification equipment, to achieve high-end, reverse osmosis technology, traffic, intelligence and other users to solve the pain points more product increased significantly , product upgrades imperative.

   whole house water purification needs in product and service force

   2018 is the first year of the development of whole house water purification. PRC, according to measurement data, the 2018 full-year, fullHouse water purification package sales reached 3.33 billion yuan, an increase of 10%. So, the whole house water purification outbreak in the future will usher in it?

   In fact, the whole house water purification also faces multiple challenges and opportunities. Real estate only downside has a serious impact on the whole house water purification market, but not without countermeasures. According to the "construction industry" Thirteen Five "plan" clearly stated: the future of my countrys real estate market to strive to improve the whole renovation penetration by 2020, the entire renovation finished residential new construction area of 鈥嬧€?0%. Companies can pay more attention to the needs of re-decoration, fine decorated rooms and the stock of housing market through innovative product design and perfect after-sales service, cut into the renovation market.

   From the service point of view, the whole house water purification products from design, site measurements, on-site installation and after-sales maintenance and repair, reliance on services is very high. Currently, service network covering the lack of professionalism of the service personnel is not enough, online send separation equipment is the main problem facing the whole house water purification industry.


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   In general, whether it is a challenge or an opportunity, companies should continue to improve product technology, upgrade product quality, standardized production conditions, improve service quality, so as to seize opportunities, meet challenges

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