Select the water purifier to undstandhe common sense
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鍑€姘村櫒 a good water purifier should have several characteristics: water-saving, durable, easy to maintain, and environmental protection.

   water: water shortage is a common problem facing the world, water purifiers to achieve water-saving features must be able to get more user acceptance. The water purifier Dow effect purification, purification of the water in different ways can be repeatedly filtered water to drink, the wastewater can be used in a laundry, mopping, pouring dishes, a better water conservation.

   durability: water purifier longer time, greater confidence to the user. Although some water purifier water purifier itself is very good, but a few months on the use of frequent problems affecting the users mood, but also affect the users demand for water. Dow Water Purifier internal parts to assemble their own, each water purifier accessories through layers of detection, the use of time longer, use more secure.

   easy to maintain: internal water purifier fails, for people who do not understand the water purifier is very difficult to solve, so consumers prefer easy to maintain product. Dow purifier with an integral filter housing and filter cartridge combination easy to replace (either directly out of the dirty filter removed, can be replaced with a new filter). If an internal failure, the intelligent system will also enhance help users find and fix problems quickly.

   environmental protection: water purifier related to domestic water, the product itself, security must be guaranteed. Dow Water Purifier accessories made of food grade materials from production, through the layers of strict detection, the product itself clean, safe to use, allowing users to use more confidence!

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