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   Under the epidemic, all aspects of home industry are under pressure, dealer groups, especially by direct impact. As home distribution channels giants, January 29 Macalline Holding Group decided to tide over the crisis with all the great ecological Meikailong business, that "s import and home shopping month of rent reduction bill," greatly inspired the industry confidence!



   According to the reporter was informed that on February 1 the company held the third extraordinary meeting of the fourth board of directors, the resolution was duly passed, the agreed rent-free arrangement, specific rent-free import and shopping list includes:



   a month rent-free self mall list

   entitled to this rent-free arrangement of business scope, need to meet three conditions:

   first, the Department of leasing business in the relevant import and shopping malls in this announcement are listed in Annex booth operators.

   Second, merchants and self-employed above the mall (refer to the relevant import and shopping centers involved lessor and management side, the same below) signed the "booth leasing and management services contract" in 2020. January 24 is in fulfill the state, and such related businesses continue to lease booth above self mall in the period 24 January 2020 to 23 February 2020, the. The lease period and duration of service

   Third, in the above-mentioned self-employed merchants and malls are fulfilling signed on 23 February 2020, in the "booth rental and management services contract," the agreement, the trader compliance were normal, the situation early termination or interruption of fulfillment does not exist.

   involves funding of 5.3 to 590 million, accounting for revenues of 3.7% -4.1%

   Meikailong said that this rent-free arrangement involving the company in 2020 operating income (rental and management fee the total amount) of about 530 million yuan -5.9 billion, accounting for 2018 audited revenues ratio of about 3.7% -4.1%. The expected rent-free rent and management fee arrangements involving the total amount of impact on the parent companys net profit in 2020 owned about 380 million yuan -4.3 billion, accounting for 2018 audited net profit by his maternal ratio of about 8.5 % -9.6%.


   As of December 31, 2019, Redstar business for 87 self-stores, 250 tubes Committee shopping malls, business for 12 home shopping through strategic cooperation to authorize the opening of franchising 44 franchise home building projects, including a total of 428 home building materials and industrial Street.

   (Source: USA Today furniture, invasion deleted)

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