Water purifiers to join the selection critia needo have what
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   water purifier Agent how to choose? In recent years, water pollution because people attach great importance to safe drinking water, household water purifiers into peoples lives. Many people find business opportunities from, you want to do a home water purifier brand Agent dealers, the creation of their own career. But the face of a wide variety of home water purifier brand on the market, they can not help screenwriters.



   hard to assess the strength of enterprises

   hard power mainly to see whether brands mastered the core technology of water purification research and development, enterprise and the strength of R & D investment, scale of production, number of employees. In this era of rapidly changing technology, in order to sell the product better than someones home, you have to constantly have to technological innovation, "riding a boat behind," the companys core technology and R & D investment not only represents the strength of this business now , also represents a competitive advantage of future products, choose such a home water purifier brand agent to be worry-free carry on.

   evaluation of enterprise soft power

   soft power mainly depends on consumer evaluation of brand awareness, service and channel brands, the brand Internet information providers covering the extent of the renowned media and so on. "Product is good, with who knows who," Agents can go around asking friends and family used different brands of home water purifier water purifier of view, the user experience is the most important. In addition, a corporate publicity, promotion represents the companys marketing strength. "The best marketing is to make selling superfluous" home water purifier brands if they have a strong marketing strength in this regard to develop new markets, agents will save a lot of money and effort.

   water purifier to join the agency with the conditions

   water purifier to join the agency has become one now joined the investment in the field of popular items, many investors understand the water purification industry through networks and news channels, the face of a new business if you do not know how to invest, then the first thing you need to know is whether you have such conditions for joining, I want to do a good job in the local netWhat are the conditions required to join the water heater?

   First, the start-up capital

   as an investment project, the first thing needed is an investment fund. In addition to the first batch of stock funds, but also store renovation funds, wages, marketing funds, utilities funds, so that there is adequate funding to do a water purifier to join a prerequisite. Water purifiers to join the

   Second, the election of the product

   Many types of water purification products, selected in line with local market needs a water purifier Very important. According to the level of consumption of large and medium cities, we can choose the main house full depth of water, equipped kitchen + purify drinking straight RO + whole house water purification, the product suitable for high-end water purifier; if the water quality in rural towns water quality is generally more rigid, situation such as excessive calcium and magnesium ions, you need to install reverse osmosis drinking straight, according to the standard of the rural consumer market can be equipped with some of the main practical and stable, friendly price models.

   Third, the persistent insistence


   choose the right product, we need to do in the market to sell the product. Water purifier as a new product, compared to the traditional home appliances has its unique distinction. Although the water purifier market is in great demand and high industry profits, but as a water purifier new small household electrical appliances may encounter resistance in the promotion process, especially in the rural market, some agents may join in the pre-product promotion met with resistance felt good product to sell, the market is not good to do, which requires the franchisee to have a good attitude, and actively to adjust the marketing model, perseverance persevere, continuous transmission of drinking water health concepts to our consumers, to join business can do some water purification filtration experiments, lectures and other outdoor water purifiers give consumers more clearly the role of water purifier, understand the need to install water purifiers, water changing consumer concepts, such progressive marketing easier for the public accepted. Future, water purifier market is more mature, the net water purifier products to sell, customers come. Huge market waiting for more passionate, the original intent of the tireless efforts of the franchisee to open up, as long as you believe in fullEnough of the above three points, do water purifier to join the shop will be successful to get rich.

   store water purifiers to join the shop methods and techniques

   novice when choosing a home water purifier to join the brand not only look at the brand strength, but also must be aware of the potential of the brand, brand management ideas, determined to create its brand, the enterprise is a professional marketing team and other characteristics of household water purifier, if you meet the consumer demand area. Want to be a good home water purifier to join its franchise management, management capability must be improved, have a keen ability to observe customs, to understand the current development trend of home water purifier market trends, followed by even understand the market, and make an accurate and complete market survey to understand the psychological needs of consumers, which has targeted to choose their own projects! for the development of a home water purifier in terms of franchise, the franchisee must have a certain display knowledge, know cosmeceutical products on display in the real effect is not the same in different locations, including the display of lights, music, pop, price tag, height, etc. according to the preferences of the target audience will be on display, the details determine success or failure. As a manager the corresponding quarter of goods or merchandise inventory planning activities accordingly.

   water purifier to join the price

   to join the fresh water added to the water purifier How much money into it? According to the project before the case concluded that fresh water was added purifier initial fee is 20 to 50 million. Fresh water purifier front plus the initial fee for reference only, detailed cost plus situation to join the fresh water purifiers, or to be calculated depending on the location as well as the size of the store and shop decoration style and other factors. Which changes some uncertain factors, we are likely to make the initial fee increases for water purifiers to join the fresh water added in terms of adequate funding to be able to guarantee his way to join the shop open for business. In this case, the process of store operations, the need to continuously improve customer satisfaction, will bring you greater profits. Plus add fresh water purifier brand reputation good advantage, plus easy management of fresh water purifier franchise is not a problem.

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