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   water purifier Agent price how much? How about water purification agents profit? Water industry generally low investment risk, high return. And water industry to join the current investment market is very prosperous, more and more want to come join the water purifier brand to earn money. Although large water purification industry competition, but do not actually do better selection of products and brands and also have a great relationship; the key is the need to choose the right business product. Today plagiarism is rampant in the water industry, the homogenization of products are numerous, want to win the way out of the market, take a good line of high-end brands, product innovation is the key.



   At present the entire water purification industry for water purification Agent divided into: municipalities, prefecture-level cities, county and township areas such as markets, according to the size of the Acting Regional different brand and agency fees are required for each is different, the general brand have a few million initial fee. And add fresh water as water purifiers top ten brands of China launched the first "0 yuan to join, 0 margin, one on one market support, strict protection of the region," the franchise model, just to meet the delivery requirements and store the image of unity, it can become fresh plus water purifier agency franchisees, while also providing the appropriate material for the agent franchisee support and promotion of the brand in the local market quickly, so that investors can recover the costs in the shortest possible time, to quickly achieve profitability.

   how to water purification agents profit? This question is something many agents franchisees have been considering, we can add intelligent water purifier fresh water agencies in Jiangxi Sun total, for example, in the local Sunzong only a short period of three months to achieve average monthly sell about 15 units, after about six months stabilized at between 18-22 units. If a retail price of 2,000 yuan, 800 yuan cost of kitchen ultrafiltration machine to calculate, sell one to earn 1,200 yuan, the first three months Sunzong to sell 15 units per month, you can earn in January 1200 * 15 = 18,000 yuan. Six months later generally stable at about 22 units, then a month you can earn 1200 * 22 = 26,400, nearly 30,000 yuan monthly income of over a million easy, if the sales is received training in water purification systems manufacturers and franchisees words, can be said to be very easy to do. High-end smart water purifier fresh water plus invite you to join, let us together build together "with the world, and! Healthy counterparts, "water purification wealth of life

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