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   Since 2015, the water purification industry began to rise to a "smart" concept, and was once the major manufacturer of water purifier has provoked much discussion! However, truly "intelligent" concepts into the net water technology manufacturers are not many. However, Hansi Dun water purification equipment Co. done and achieved certain results.

   2016, water purifier "intelligent" concept further deepen the study of intelligent Hansi Dun R & D team has also accelerated the pace. Remember the end of May this year, Hansi Dun R & D team to explore innovation and courage to break through the fine tradition, in one fell swoop added two authoritative book is Hansi Dun groups, the two water purifier patent certificate. Visible, Hansi Dun water purification technology innovation in R & D, compared with last year, has been a leap of progress.

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   What is intelligent water purifier it? Why is the water purification industry have to be intelligent way to go? From the current point of view, people need water purifier and has never been greater no longer confined to the demanding requirements not only on product quality. But will the water purifier product appearance, color, or even whether the terms of use convenience products, such as humane to consider. Therefore, in order to meet the strong demand of the market, you want to survive in the fierce market competition, manufacturers will have to take the water purifier "intelligent" way.

   2016, is a research and development to accelerate the pace of Hansi Dun water purifiers year. May 30, Hansi Dun won two patents book that day, Hansi Dun total R & D leader Wang says that the market although there are many unique selling points, but for water purification product development, and more much room for improvement, a product to constantly striving for perfection, so that the product needs of the market, the user a good product, to family life more convenient and comfortable, this product will be greater consumer appeal. 2016, Hansi Dun products will then control the appearance, large flux of water and energy conservation, active service, to further innovation and improve human-computer interaction experience, intelligence and other aspects of the Internet, we developed a more intelligent, humane new products .

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   At present, Hansi Dun has a variety of products with the intelligent alerts. As the latest HSD-RO75E-1503 water machine extremely user-friendly in terms of design, using intelligent display panels, increased filter life reminders. The display panel is provided with a green, yellow, red third gear. When you want to filter down to the provision of lifeSeek time of use, the filter display numbers will change from green to yellow to alert the user to prepare the replacement of the filter, when the display light turns red, it means that the filter should be replaced immediately.

   In addition, Hansi Dun kitchen water purifier series, whole house water purifier, direct drinking machine and some other classic products are also related to intelligent display alerts. Of course, not just so intelligent water purifier, then, Hansi Dun will strive for greater breakthroughs and innovation in terms of intelligence, to provide users with more "new intelligence" of water purification products.

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