Recalling the 2014 water pollution incident
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   April 10, Lanzhou severe water content of benzene poisoning cases occur.

   10 April benzene content was 170 g / liter, 11 April detected value of 200 g / liter, are far beyond the limits of the State 10 micrograms / liter. After

   Lanzhou municipal government issued a notice without water, mineral water sold in major supermarkets. After the water supply restored April 15, many people are still reluctant to use tap water.

   April Kingboard Chemical excessive emissions

   April 22, 2014, Xingtai City, Hebei Province Environmental Protection Bureau and the Public Security Bureau of Environmental Protection Detachment of Kingboard (Hebei) Coking conduct a comprehensive inspection found, non-standard business sewage treatment coke quenching tower for replenishment, so that toxic substances in the wastewater directly into the atmosphere when volatile phenol quench, detected exceeding 138 times the national standard. Companies also set up special every night of the relevant line monitoring facilities dust instrument potentiometer adjustments, the on-line monitoring data controlled within the range of data values 鈥嬧€媤ith environmental regulations, fudge environmental inspection.

   April Wuhan Han Jiang Wuhan Water Quality exposed excessive ammonia

   23 evening, the Wuhan Municipal Government Emergency Office issued a microblogging official account of the concern caused by Internet users, the largest tributary of the Han River Yangtze River Wuhan water quality exposed excessive ammonia, yet in spite of sewage into the water pipe network, but three emergency water shutdown, over 30 million inhabitants, hundreds of food processing enterprises have been affected by water. As of 16:24 May the water supply have been restored. EPA represents Wuhan, after 22 noon, Wuhan Han River water detection data pieces of partial ammonia concentration increased rapidly, after testing, Wuhan Han River Water Quality ammonia is 1.59mg / L, more than national standards 1mg / L of. Subsequently Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau launched more than 80 sources of pollution analysis, to determine the basic main pollutants are ammonia nitrogen.

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