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   end of the year of the year, all the brands to be gearing up to launch the final sprint at the end, the worlds leading brand of water purification may Yi floating ecopure how can we remain indifferent. It is reported that Yi can float ecopure will launch a 10-day promotional Christmas carnival trip, the specific time for the December 25, 2013 to January 5, 2014, the brand will also carry the new generation of products - clean drinking fun in series , took the opportunity Christmas New Years Eve, take a number of attractive discount policy started early in 2013 EcoWater last shot of water purification products year-end sales, as consumers sent more affordable, cost-effective advantage to quickly seize the market high ground to achieve a perfect ending in 2013.

   followed the Christmas New Years Day, another round of promotional event is about to begin, this promotion more popular novel and eye-catching, EcoWater ECOWATER already mustering the strength for this year-end gift, ill-prepared . It is reported that the brand developed a discount, straight down, gifts, value delivery, cash back and a series of marketing strategies to maximize the savings to consumers. For the consumer, excellent quality and affordable price of the product is the biggest temptation for them.

   With the improvement of peoples living standards, the pursuit of healthy clean water also will be elevated to a new level. Yi fashion brand water purifier can float ecopure after the listing of its professional quality brought the gospel of health as more and more families. On the occasion of the double "egg" New Years Eve an opportunity to the United States EcoWater (ECOWATER) started a big promotion end of the year none other activities, more new listing Yi can float ecopure clean drinking fun in the product added to the high cost surprises to attract consumers.

   United States Marmon Water / Berkshire Hathaway EcoWater Division Yi can float ecopure affiliated with Warren Buffett holding, EcoWater is the world home water purification industry leader in 88 years to obtain a total number of 1300 effective global patent. The patented technology and resources Yee fashion brand water purifier can float ecopure share owned by the Group, focusing on household water purification products, innovative research and development, is committed to provide professional dynamic fashion household water purification products with superior cost-effective, so that more Young consumers enjoy safe quality of the drinking water.

   The key recommendation of year-end promotional activities Yi can float ecopure brands new clean drinking products--HF-75 clean drinking fun in the mini and HF-75x clean drinking fun in water dispensers. Both products have a simple shape fashion design, compact, the installation space unrestricted; Technology hollow fiber ultrafiltration with dual filter imported granular activated carbon, 0.01 micron filtration effectively remove bacteria, spores, cysts, I chlorine and odor, retain beneficial minerals; and the product comes with cleaning function, effectively extending the life of the filter membrane. Followed EcoWater patented technology and benefits to ensure that product quality has within the "core" and stable filtration performance, ensure that consumers are drinking fresh mineral water every day, easy to make up a healthy person. (Yin text)

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