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   many agents inspect water purifier brand manufacturers, when will understand, what brand of water purifiers on the market is the true intentions of doing "brand" for quality for sale, for marketing innovative business model, the agents concerned the brand is operating the water purifier profit model whether there is feasibility.




choose to join the brand water purifier from four aspects to determine (Photo from Internet)

   because the water purifier market is currently home agents believe the industry Yes, but after entering the water purifier manufacturers found insufficient force, can not guide the orderly conduct market sales agents, customer terminal and no profit growth, often a lot of agents home business career change or abandon the project after a period of time, especially for always had other business-related business for the merchant market business will have higher requirements, so a lot of water purifier brand can not give them effective market model leads to agents faithless. 2016 has passed most of the 2017 top ten brands of water purifiers will re-shuffle, the new pattern will dominate the new market standard water purification agent of choice. For how to choose a suitable water purifier brand manufacturers, in terms of the following aspects:

   First, look at the brand positioning

   brand positioning is very important, for example, some of the brand image is, and all aspects of packaging materials are pretty good, his brand of high-end brand positioning beyond a reasonable price range, the first product will result in higher purchase costs, although all aspects of your image is OK, but to raise the price of brand positioning does not work, Although there are many things consumers like tall, but the cost is too high to pay only a part of the group would like to cultivate the market for a long time, on the contrary, positioned too low does not work, because the price is low material will become cheaper materials, water purifiers brand manufacturers in the aftermarket, when there will be a lot of excuse, the follow-up to this brand can go far still unknown

   Second, look at the product architecture

   for a brand of products, it is also very important just like in a restaurant for dinner, to have entrees and specialties, and the name of the dish to get a nice easy to remember, is to take the amount of signature dishes, specialties that attract customers to eat, and some food is tokenism, the availability of these brand series of products, and analyze how the competitiveness of their products, whether or not in line with market demand.

   Third, the marketing model

   before sell themselves, now wine is also going to promote, because many now wine, good products, good sales model needs media publicity and promotion, to no, consumers do not know the brand, a search do not know, not buy, to understand a brand, the need for his promotional channels and marketing model to understand, how high feasibility.

   Fourth, the team structure

   In the case where the above conditions can be, if not a good team to implement will not have good results, so it requires in-depth understanding of a brand team understand, and be able to communicate relevant person in charge of the team, to evaluate their ideas, can be a good way to implement in place, the extent of the various departments with what are very important.

   When it comes to these factors, we performed an analysis of the 2016 water purifier brand, not difficult to determine the 2017 water purifier brand will face a big reshuffle. (Source: HC)

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