Shunde water industry expert examination by three Union staa
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   learned from the official website of the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision, recently, Shunde District, home appliances Chamber of Commerce and regional standards and coding region of the joint 13 water industry led the development of key enterprises "household and similar uses reverse osmosis water purifier" "household and similar ultrafiltration water purification machines," and "household and similar water purification equipment selection Guide" three water purification industry in Shunde Union standards successfully validated by experts.

   Shunde as "the Chinese home appliances capital", water purification equipment related supporting complete industrial chain, has a large number of well-known water industry enterprises, water purification industry cluster obvious advantages for development. Shunde is the leading water purification industry to upgrade and enhance the overall competitiveness of Shunde water purification industry cluster, Shunde major water purification industry leading enterprises, industry associations set up water purification standards Shunde Union, in conjunction with key enterprises in Shunde water purification technology and related practical experience, During the past six months has prepared these three Union standards.

   "Household and Similar reverse osmosis water purification unit" and "household and similar water purifier ultrafiltration" two water purification equipment standards are standards of product to fill gaps. The "Household and similar water purification equipment Selection Guide" Standard for the first time from the consumer point of view to proceed, and guide consumers to rational consumption, thereby Forced production enterprises to improve product quality, integrity and standardize management and a really good professional service and improve Shunde water purification equipment regional brand image.

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