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   What kind of smart water purifier for home use? Now as a home water purifier drinking water safety and health protection is our essential household products, you want to choose the right own household water purifiers, first of all we to understand the different water purifier for different purposes, and ultimately we want to achieve what their own water purification effect, in accordance with the needs of their own families and then choose the right kind.



   Fresh water purifier known smart plus water purification products have eight series: pre-filter, ultrafiltration kitchen machines, household water, central water softener , domestic pipeline machine, vertical machine business, commercial desktop and large engineering machines; and there are different series of different types of water purification products, each product can achieve water purification water purification effect is different. So we have to understand the effect of these different water purification products.

   water purifier filter core is the filter, as long as a clear understanding cartridge filter technology, we can clearly know the filter effect of water purification products. At present, water purifiers on the market are mainly microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis these types of filtration technology, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water filtration is the mainstream technology, but also because there is no water purifier ultrafiltration reverse osmosis water purification unit (also known as pure water) of high precision, reverse osmosis water purification unit to 0.0001 micron filtering accuracy, can effectively filter the water other than water molecules of various harmful substances including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other scale, and water taste good. So many families will choose to install a reverse osmosis water purifier. In fact, the water quality in each region and not need to use reverse osmosis water purifier. But the reverse osmosis water purification machines need electricity, waste water discharge, the price is more expensive side.

   Generally poor quality and more polluted areas for using a reverse osmosis water purification. Relatively water purifier ultrafiltration reverse osmosis water purification unit for the filtration accuracy is relatively much smaller, typically filtration accuracy of 0.01 micron, to filter large amount of harmful substances such as water, rust, silt, colloids, microorganisms, bacteria, and a diameter greater than 0.01 microns all impurities, and ultrafiltration water purification machines typically do not require a pump, and no water nor power, municipal water used in normal water pressure on the line. UF water purifier can not be removed but the chemical pollutants (heavy metals, etc.) and water scale, waterCan not be directly consumed. Overall, ultrafiltration water purifiers for water quality in the region of less contaminated areas better.

   it is generally in southern China, as long as no special pollution ultrafiltration water purifier to select appropriate. Add fresh water purifier eight major product lines, from the water source for your checks at each level, a variety of ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis water purification products to choose from, the use of imported water purification filter filter, look to see quality results. For whole house water purification needs of customers, add fresh water to provide you with tailored solutions for whole house water purification

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