Water purifier three months missing 171 tons of watmepropty
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   property management district property company reflects the quality of service, if the work can be done, then it will not place wrangling.

   Recently, Hangzhou small yellow, he ran into the property is not responsible for, their own home water bills in September and October meter readings are 6 tons to 11 months, shown above was 171 tons ! Property meter reading small yellow thought it was a mistake, talk to property theory. But to see the water meter, indeed with 171 tons, which erupted he can not understand, how a month will use up so much? Property think the problem is small yellow water, they are not responsible, then the small yellow help the media exposure.


   Xiao Huang told reporters that he and his friends in September, when rented this house for the office, see water consumption soared in December, when the property also send someone over to check, and found the reasons, they turned out to be small yellow kitchen water purifier Here are a drain valve has been opened. Because it is the first time they live in, they do not know how it is the drain valve, and this house is just renovated for the first time to live.


   The landlord said the house last post, after the end of last year has been placed in a renovated, not occupied. If they did not move small yellow drain valve, it is from them live in has been opened, the leakage should be three months. So why not water the first two months recording it?


   In order to clarify the facts, the reporter found the floor butler property. Reporters saw a housekeeper, a pedestrian, impatiently said: You do not shoot me, okay? And shielding his face got up and left. Correspondents say that we only come to understand the situation, please do not get excited, but the other ignored.


   then read to reporters Huang Property copy recorded single meter above clearly shows: September, October are 6 tons to 11 months is the 171 tons. This means that in October they did not little yellow water. Reporters found Lee in charge of the property, he explained to reporters that if the month meter reading with decimals, usually discarded, meaning Wang them in September and October there is no water no more than one ton, thus giving rise to such a recording.

   do not agree with Li Xiao Huang director say, he said they just moved in to carry out clean-up, a large amount of waterIn addition they are doing dishes new media, will water every day, far exceeding other conventional household water consumption, it is impossible to have a ton of water a month can not afford to use. Xiao Huang believes that the property they not two months 9,10 meter-reading, meter reading in November to find the problem, which led to the leaks did not discover.


   aspects of the property and do not agree with the views of small yellow, they may be considered to be small yellow November, when accidentally drain valve water purifier opened. To which both sides fighting over. Finally reporters proposal is made to be a third-party inspection, testing leakage amount of the day, and then be able to calculate that in the end are missing a month, or three months leak. If it is a month of leakage, small yellow liable if the leak is three months, then the property should also bear some responsibility. This property nor did they believe this is happening at home owners, regardless of the outcome, it does not matter related to the property.


   Huang said, this water is not much, also more than 500 dollars, he was not for the money, just want to strengthen property management, services more detail some.



   have spoken so far, there is negligence on the management of the property, is one of the reasons for the leakage has not been found, the property should bear some responsibility. Readers, do you think the property should bear the responsibility?


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