The benefits of pure water, who summarized it so full ....
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  The benefits of pure water, who was so full ...... summarize time: 2019-03-0116: 05: 311, because the current system is to drink, fresh, convenient, sweet taste. Order to avoid the water, and other troubles, but also to avoid secondary pollution. 2, can promote saliva secretion, appetite, excretion of metabolic products, curative disease prevention. 3, enhanced raw material color, smell, taste, keep the protein, starch, vitamins, calcium nutrients extreme materials to make food more delicious. 4, steamed rice full particles, oily, creamy, easily rancid. 5, fresh soup taste more and more clear. 6, and bread dumplings, boiled and then pure, not only taste good but not sticky. 7, tea flavor thicker, pure color, not from the tea scale. 8, sober up detoxification, increase the amount of urine, can quickly reduce the alcohol concentration in the blood, prevent dehydration, headache and vomiting in order to prevent drunken. 9, regulation of blood pressure: lower blood viscosity, promote blood circulation, and enhance the flexibility of blood vessels, often drink less likely to occur in hypertensive patients dizziness. 10, Diabetes: structure of water molecules in the improved leukocyte, insulin supply, an auxiliary therapeutic effect. 11, a diuretic effect, of cystitis, nephritis special effects, to prevent stones Chang Yin. 12, regular drinking to relieve constipation and improvement. 13, the prevention of indigestion, diarrhea, chest pain, cancer (contaminated water easily gastrointestinal tract abnormal fermentation food, the food corrosion long stay in the gastrointestinal tract is the main cause of cancer-induced). 14, direct drinking, do not hurt my stomach. 15, breast-feeding women can make plenty of milk. 16, can reduce the consumption of a variety of infertility. 17, long-term use, can improve immunity, prevent colds. 18, reducing the number of nocturia, improve sleep quality. 19, bodybuilders drink, can help lose weight. 20, fried Chinese medicine, after taking the quick disintegration and absorption good. 21, can make short-term food preservation, such as foam tofu, meat foam. 22, Egg with tap water, there are many nest, when Chawanmushi with pure water, and no cellular tender. 23, powdered milk, was completely dissolved, easy rancidity. 24, pure water for pharmaceutical companies, beverage plants, breweries and so on. 25, soy milk, good taste. 26, soak fruits and vegetables, less pesticide residues. 27, connected to the ice maker, the ice crystal mask made clear, odor-free. Water 28 helps beauty, wash, cosmetically, easily wrinkled. The complete elimination of the residue of sweat pores, even without makeup, and no facial tightness, easy on the makeup. 29, allows the port mouthFresh air, the prevention of oral diseases. 30, red and swollen eye wash, condition can be alleviated. 31, skin injury, damage purulent place with pure water may speed wound healing. 32, love peeling skin, wash with clean water can be effectively improved. 33, her hair, dry hair without hair, not yellow, not forked. 34, bathing the skin fine and smooth, the skin cell activation. 35, feet can effectively improve the symptoms of athletes foot and cracked feet. 36 benefits of water daily, porcelain tableware washing clean as new, no water spot defects. 37, toilet, bathtub yellow no fouling, no odor. 38, showerheads holes no more white scale, flow unimpeded. 39, laundry soft, clean, as new color, clothing fibers 33% increase in the number of washes, the amount of reduction of 55% liquid detergent, reducing equipment maintenance problems due to the washing machine water caused by hard water. 40, the number of water heater maintenance is greatly reduced, life expectancy more than doubled water heater, water heaters Gas and electricity use by 24% -32%. 41, home interior installed pipes will not scaling, clogging. 42, humidifiers, steam irons do not spray white powder, not fouling, extended service life. 43, face towel will not harden when dry. 44, will not stick ash washing glasses, contact lens cleaner high wash. 45, the brush will not yellow shoes. 46, with tap water calligraphy overcast, pure water is not cloudy. 47, the vase into pure water, fresh flowers a long time, not easy to fade. Fresh fish, do not Qinhuan friends. 48, pure water was added car battery, can enhance conductivity.

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