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   choosing a good water purifier manufacturers to join, join the agency is a prerequisite for success; agents when looking at the manufacturers must pay attention to the five Aspect, indispensable, and these five areas are: net water heater manufacturers operating strength, management, marketing model, willingness to cooperate, operational experience.

   In fact, after entering 2017, the water purification industry competition further intensified, almost all manufacturers, whether it is put into the network, or the media investment are improved significantly, and even some strength of the manufacturers also hired the celebrity endorsements, manufacturers of a series of moves to better, faster and expand investment channels. Because distribution channels building relationships with manufacturers competitive in the market for water purifier manufacturers, natural essential. So as a water purifier agents in this environment should choose what kind of cooperation the manufacturers do?

   a look at the manufacturers operating strength

   which mainly depends on the size of the water purifier manufacturers and net the number of products into the water, large scale manufacturers to invest in channel development, brand promotion, no less, in the development of market channels can maintain a large investment, and thus boost brand liquidity in the market. Admittedly, cooperation and strong operating scale manufacturers, there are considerable safeguards on sales, but also ease some of the heart.

   Second, look at the management level water purifier manufacturers

   To understand how water purifier manufacturers management level, just take a look in his warehouse items placed will be able to know. Management practices of the manufacturers its warehouse management must be in perfect order, if the warehouse cluttered, ho no order to prove that the factory management level is relatively poor. With the further market competition intensifies, water purifier manufacturers have good management program, to better stand out.

   Third, look at the water purifier manufacturers marketing model

   water purifier manufacturers and marketing model must be consistent with the nature of the product, marketing mode if they do not match, it will definitely lead to product sales blocked, sales force is not strong, if not its own product characteristics and the development of marketing models of the manufacturers, it is likely to create unnecessary disagreements in the future, affecting the overall sales of the product.

   four willingness to cooperate watching water purifier manufacturers

   When selecting water purifier manufacturers, be sure to select those manufacturers sincere cooperation, no matter how good factory conditions, how high the level of management if notThere is a real willingness to cooperate, it is estimated that such cooperation will not last long, so when you want to avoid this.

   five visits operational experience water purifier manufacturers

   in terms of water purification agents, this one is also very important. Water purification industry itself is new industry, new entrants to the industry so you certainly lack of operational experience in this industry reform, net of the spring, it took us more than ten years Focus on the Family water purification, so accumulate in the water purification industry considerable expertise and sales skills, sales can have a good grasp of the initiative, and understanding of customer needs and characteristics, to ensure rapid and stable growth of sales agents.

   the development of water purification industry today, large and small manufacturers reach thousands, many would like to join the water industry market investors are saying: confused, I do not know where to go. In fact as long as we grasp some of the principles necessary to be able to have a pair of "eye."

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