Smith bolted A.O. diversification into Chinese kitchen stage
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   A.O. Smith diversification and expansion in recent years in the Chinese home appliance market, more growth is based on the pressure inside the enterprise, not the external user market demand. From this perspective, into their kitchen electric industry, not meant to detonate as scheduled.

   AWE annual exhibition is a perfect collision of technology and aesthetics, domestic and foreign high-end kitchen electric brand in this arena contests. And in 2019 the AWE exhibition, claiming "American water experts" AO Smith introduced hood, gas stoves and other kitchen electric products in its booth, which is home to the water heater started following the American Enterprise overweight water purifier, air purifier the environment and other appliances, again "envious" China kitchen electric market this "big fat cake", a low-key announcement to enter the kitchen electric industry.


   Chinas home appliance market has always been a battleground of foreign brands, for it has already entered the Chinese market, AO Smith, well versed in local development path, from water heaters to water purifiers, purifiers, consumer demand around Chinese market and develop products, and gradually open layout diversified, both bigger scale and shared consumption bonus. However, the kitchen into the Chinese power industry, but generally are not optimistic about the outside world.

   First, the market environment, as a "home appliance industry profits last piece of high ground," China kitchen electric market as a whole declined in 2018, compared with 2012--2017 years of double-digit growth, at this time of the kitchen electricity market can be described as the "winter", particularly affected the real estate industry as a whole kitchen electric control led to double the pressure. Whether it is day or industry environment, this time to enter the China kitchen electric market is not the best time.

   Secondly For kitchen area, now basically has formed a relatively stable industry structure. Israeli side too, the boss, Vantage top three dominant pattern, Haier, Midea and other integrated home appliance giants have entered the kitchen electricity market, coupled with Shuaikang, cherry, MACRO second-tier brands such as extrusion, covering almost low-end kitchen electric brand market High School layout, the degree of fierce market competition can be imagined. No experience no technical support for the pre-draw A.O. Smith, it is tantamount to asking for trouble. Even A.O. Smith quick access through OEM, OEM, etc., but the maturing of China kitchen electric industry, consumers will not easily buy it. After all, A.O. Smiths brand label, affix hot water.

   From the product attributes, the more and more consumers more confidence in the localization of kitchen electric company and kitchen electric products. As the Chinese peoples cooking habits prefer heavy sensation in the traditional major branches forming a "cooking frying" multiple cooking. The cooking method is not China so complicated Westerners, many small fried foods are cooked or cooked, which doomed the focus function in the West kitchen electric products are completely different. So even if Smith can be imported from the United States A.O. appropriate technologies and products, and regardless of the level of costs, only for Chinese consumers cooking and eating habits enough to make "exotic" prohibitive.

   With the evolution of demand and consumption upgrade, one needs to use the kitchen from simple basic functions, upgrade to integration, integrated, set of lines of functional and emotional needs. At the same time, the rapid growth of the fine decoration market but also to build a whole kitchen becomes a trend, but a few solo pieces of kitchen electric products clearly not designed to support perfect the whole kitchen. Compared to the kitchen electric products do not support a full range of AO Smith, the other Chinese kitchen electric side too odd company has a good product line and embedded design capabilities, can provide consumers with the perfect integration, diversification, quality of life experience, the realization of all kitchen appliances "concerto resonance."

   In addition, with the landing of AI, consumers are to improve the efficiency of life through the pursuit of high efficiency, intelligent products, improve the quality of life, intelligent scene + will become the new direction of the future development of electric kitchen. Currently, more mature technologies and products of kitchen electric companies have already begun to explore the wisdom of the kitchen scene and applications, and for the fledgling Smith is still a long way to go, either slavishly or one step does not seem real .

   In short, the future opportunities and challenges co-exist, in 2019 the entire kitchen electric market is full of variables, while the appliance market is also lumpy. Under unknown circumstances and trends, AO Smith, just to have "a fad" rush into the kitchen electricity industry undoubtedly is asking for trouble, rather than spend time and effort to invest not good hot industry, as well sink in mind industry trends and consumer research needs to do their specialty is the top priority.

   (Source: Chi appliances, intrusion deleted)

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