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  Water purifier to enhance efforts to enhance sales execution terminal end is the end product sales channels, product terminals have become the focus of market competition, who can win the end, who will be able to win customers. Terminal Purchasing Guide plays an important vanguard role, personal qualities and shopping guide skills, directly determines the terminal sales. For water purifier manufacturers and dealers concerned, in order to gain a firm foothold in the industry, we must use the best method to win terminal sales market. Terminal manufacturers sales are profitable and ultimately, that further enhance the core competitiveness of products, to further improve the quality of the companys terminal Purchasing Guide. Nationwide optimize quality of the teams terminal through specialized training.

   First, do a good job marketing efforts. The first is the good end shopping guide. Water purifier is a new product, so the general publics awareness of it is not enough, so that the terminal shopping guide is very important. We need to explain to their customers on the various functions of the water purifier. Second is to establish the image of the terminal. Brand image is very important, in the end, can be placed on a number of honorary certificates, high-end models, exquisite product manuals, and so on. Do the media promotion again, using a variety of media branding, newspapers, Internet, television, etc., are intended to create a brand image. Timely engage in some promotions to attract consumers.

   The second is to expand sales channels. First to do positioning, target. Positioning their products directly determine the companys target market, a direct impact on market-based instruments to achieve the objective, the decision should be taken of sales channels and marketing model results. Enterprises should make the product and market positioning, it is necessary to do adequate market research. While customer-centric, and strengthen professional services. Here the "customer" includes distributors, home improvement companies and end consumers. Truly customer-centric is not empty talk, different customers have different needs, analyze and meet only the interests of the class of customers, in order to expand the customer base class, in order to expand sales channels. Followed by the integration of resources, the formation of business and customer communities of interest.

   The third is to make sales. We must first develop an appropriate pricing strategy. In the development of product prices, should the local level of consumption as a reference and basis for the development, in conjunction with the local consumers buying habits, as well as income levels, as well as cultural traditions and consumer orientation, etc., to be considered. Of course, this price also includes the development strategy of the development of the second groups and terminal retail price, etc., the price system. Second, we must analyze the target channels, for thereOf the development of operating practices. Length analysis of various channels, pros and cons, focusing on distribution rate, the sensitivity of the information and communication market management difficulty and other content to different target to develop targeted operating practices.

   Of course, the terminal must be enhanced enforcement. Different terminals share in the dealers strategic position are not the same, the dealer should be combined with the strategic planning and market their ability to control the terminal screening to determine the outstanding terminal and focus resources and energy market operations. Built on the excellent end marketing database and shared throughout the system, keep abreast of customer needs. Secondly, dealers face a wide range of water purification products, manufacturers will have almost every case several series of products on the market at the same time, it is impossible at one time a lot of stock on the same product. Therefore, distribution follow-up work was extremely important, it is necessary to do: short cycle, fast, full strength, wide coverage; at the same time to establish the scientific work processes, sum up the work results, reasonable arrangements for the work plan.

   good after-sales service is also very important, not only for the establishment of the terminal sales beneficial, but also showcase their products and services channels. Therefore, the material needed to build the terminal, as well as spiritual needs must be met, the service must be in place. Water purifier business or shop sales team and after-sales service awareness team to be very perfect.

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