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灏忕紪瑙f瀽锛氬鐢ㄥ噣姘村櫒甯傚満鎺ㄥ箍鏂版妧鑳? /></p><p>   In recent years, home water purifier market is booming, more and more water purifier brand and the number of dealers, but the market is the law of survival of the fittest, water purifier market dealers also a few happy tears. The main reason is still relatively new household water purification products, thanks to Chinas economic development and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, improve peoples awareness of healthy drinking water, so the water purifier dealers pre-sale terminal advertising and marketing is particularly important. Way </p><p>   marketing efforts of many, but dealers are not eyebrows beard grabbed with a pass, while taking into account cost, taking into account whether the practical effect of water purifiers sell advertising. For example advertising leaflets, car parade, body advertising, advertising signs, electronic screen advertising, newspaper advertising, publicity and lion dances, street banners, street arches, hand text messaging, procession and so good in many ways. Obviously, the more the dealer can not spend all the way, because one is all to spend the high cost; therefore water purifier dealers to be selective. Household water purifiers top ten brands of manufacturers marketing director Stig water purifier water purifier summary Jimmy promote practical ways: </p><p>   1, according to local dealers to market conditions, consumers concerned about the situation, to promote selection mode, generally selected from one or two primarily, one or two kinds of auxiliary line, and can effectively control costs, but also to achieve three-dimensional spread, so as to achieve the best results. In general a county to do such activities, a month or two of the promotion costs about 5 thousand is very adequate, the effect will be very good. Of course, this propaganda and content quality is also a relationship. </p><p>   2, buy determined direction. OK dealers can under the circumstances, the target consumer group purchase direction, such as residential, schools, hospitals, villages, etc. can all be selected buy direction. The key is more than the number of the types of products available, what kind of easy to overcome, and so on, we should solve the problems of science, making it easier to perform direction and quickly achieve their sales. Household water purifier dealers how to expand the low-cost and effective marketing it? </p><p>   3, the overall buy promotion. To the dealer to buy a small overall job promotion, on the one hand can be used in automotive, broadcast, etc., on the other hand is word of mouth. This is also according to different target consumers, targeted promotion. Overall, it should be targeted, means to direct and obvious effect, andAnd the cost to control. </p><p>   4, core buy overcome. Do the above five aspects, professional sales Customers can choose a direction, a collective overcome, including promotion, spiritual explanations, spot sales, etc., should do together. Do not hurry to do the work, but you want to do a good job with the local and global, quantitative of qualitative change will eventually, many small buy single will continuously came to the door. Household water purifier dealers how to expand the low-cost and effective marketing of it </p><p>   5, professional services, consumer culture is strong backing for brand loyalty:? Household water treatment industry is an emerging industry, products are semi-finished products type of service. Dealers must react promptly, hospitality etiquette, professional work, dedicated service. So as to enhance consumer loyalty to the brand. </p><p>   5.1, before consumers buy: personal use of the environment for the consumer, professional and tailor made products type commentary, buying guide. </p><p>   5.2, the selection process: a brief and explain to consumers that he (she) Solutions product performance, works, routine maintenance of common sense, common faults of choice. Allow consumers to

   5.3, purchase:

   timely response: consumers need services / products consumers buy since, in principle, within 24h must be on-site for their service.

   image specifications: a unified brand image work wear, carry the water treatment industry service toolbox. Do a good job of customer service files.

   job professional: etiquette specification language, skilled movements, professional commentary.

   5.4, regularly visit: a return visit on time product usage, customers are saying about the brand, satisfaction with services, comments and suggestions.

   Postscript: Household water purifier sales terminals integrated with the actual harvest effort

   home water purifier dealers can be very good if the above five aspects do a solid, fast implementation harvest, realized capital return is easy. Of course, different places have different circumstances, water treatment dealers in the actual implementation process, but also according to their own situation, market situation, consumption, competition and other remedy, even in terms of more than five, but then a number of other rich must withinCapacity, and integrated together to do, in order to win the final victory.

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