Water purifiers wat and electricity supplicompanies involved
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  In recent years, the booming e-commerce, online shopping due to convenient, affordable and widely welcomed by the consumer, at the same time, some of the traditional physical store doors to cold, and some century-old has gone bankrupt, while others are in bankruptcy. The booming e-commerce has become a lot of traditional enterprise sales of the second platform, a number of water purifier business is no exception, you have to wade across e-commerce, or self-built team, or with the Lynx, Jingdong and other third-party e-commerce platform. Among them, there are some excellent results business, but most companies reflect the effect is minimal, not very optimistic. 鍑€姘村櫒浼佷笟娑夋按鐢靛晢 澶у鏁堟灉鐢氬井

   As with the store, water purifier on the electronic business platform is the price war, an attractive discount. But the author Lynx Mall, Jingdong Mall and other electronic business platform discovery, water purifier sales is not very optimistic, except for a few products, sales of most products of only a handful of relatively good sales mostly higher discount products. Insiders said that these acts purifiers really just changes in sales, still in the price war, but the end result of the price war will undoubtedly thinning water purifiers profit.

   It is understood that in recent years, the rapid development of my countrys electricity supplier, 2010 - 2011 annual "China E-Commerce Development Report" shows that in 2011 the domestic electricity business transactions totaling up to 588 million yuan, an increase of 29.2%. Insiders pointed out that the rapid growth in the number of commercial enterprises, with the electricity supplier market income, the number of growth companies as well as scale, the electric business development is the trend. But with the electricity suppliers to enter the competition incandescent stage, water purifiers electronic business platform will be under pressure to survive, there will be polarization. Plus online store brand products "cottage" too much, it will hinder the development of water purifier business.

   the traditional business into the electricity business is the trend, but e-commerce with traditional business, after all, a lot of difference, so the water purifier at the same time to enter the electricity business enterprises to seriously study e-commerce business model, should not be under-wire mode copied to the line.

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