Price wars do not fly water purifier at the end of promotion
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   A price war is an act of commercial competition between enterprises, and expand the race to the bottom by the market price of the commodity. At present, Chinas water purifier market product homogeneity is becoming increasingly serious, the price war between the water purifier enterprises have become the norm, especially when holiday sales, the price war is being robbed tourists of enterprises as effective means. However, the increasing level of consumption today, low prices enough to attract consumers pocket, seeing the year is approaching, another year promotion, water purification companies to abandon the price war when the end of the promotion, creative win.


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price wars do not fly water purifier at the end of promotional needs creative (picture from the network)

   water purifier price war "thankless"

   Throughout this year the water purifier market, many companies say that this years difficult market, the harsh external environment, internal competition is fierce this year for the water purifier business is a challenge and an opportunity. In this context, many companies and businesses purifier sales force, in order to be able to seize part of the sales. In the promotional tools, the use of price promotions.

   Indeed, the water purifier business traditional marketing approach is price competition, whether it is because of the passive market, the external environment, or active, the end result of the price war is not worth the candle, not to mention water purifier business price competition can increase sales even increased sales itself is very likely lost money.

   at the end of the water purifier sales need to have new ideas

   Although the current water purification industry downturn affected the environment, being in the doldrums, but the water purifier business should not give up, but should take the initiative to look for opportunities to seek work, to break the current dilemma of traditional marketing, so that the water purifier business revitalized. Moment, Double Twelve imminent end of the year have followed the Christmas and New Years Day, Valentines Day, water purification companies should seize this promotion a good time.

   So, how can seize a good time to do this promotion? Moment, consumers buy a product, price is only one factor in the decision, not the determining factor, according to the strengths and weaknesses of their products, find core consumer demand and meet consumer demand. Water purification company in the production of some advertising time to remember the word exaggerated, but according to their product value, create impress consumer spendingSpoken language, but also allow consumers to feel the ultimate buy affordable products, and water purification company has not since the loss. In short, water purifier business at the end of the promotion must have new ideas, seeking truth from facts.

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