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   In early 2018, small series of qualitative water purifier market in 2017 are as follows: development into normalization. Looking back on 2018, while it can be said basically continued the trend in 2017. But compared to 2017, in 2018 the market growth started to slow down, industry reshuffle further. Xiao Bian believes that the development of the situation appears have a major impact in two areas.

   First, the current status of water pollution and poor municipal water treatment capacity can not meet increasing consumer awareness of the health and safety of drinking water needs. According to the PRC user research data shows that residents overall evaluation of water quality, the higher the evaluation south, Guangzhou users, 6.2, 6.0, Shenzhen, Suzhou 5.9 points lower Beijing, Qingdao and Xian highest score evaluation , score 4.3 points or less, the national assessment of water quality and an average of only 4.9 points, is at the low level.

   As can be seen from the results of the national evaluation of water quality for residents, drinking water safety awareness has gradually been taking root, 83 percent of residents believe that the need to purify drinking tap water at home, only 7% of people feel no need to, which directly drive the rapid development of the water industry.

   In addition, the country accounted for 25% of the total population of the 90 group of young people basically to marriageable age, there are a lot of buyers and renovation needs, but such groups have a strong awareness of health, basic water purifier as new home decoration standard.

   Therefore, the above-mentioned positive factors stimulated the growth of the domestic water purifier market in 2018s.

   Second, the heavy volume ahead of consumer demand in the next period of extensive growth under the previous water industry, coupled with the real estate market suffered another winter, makes the 2018 growth rate to a certain extent than in previous years has slowed.

   2020, water purifier market in urban households is expected to reach 35% penetration. 2018, water sales volume increased by about 8%, industry capacity is about 35 billion yuan.

   innovative products to enhance sales

   Looking back on 2018 water purification industry, although industry growth has slowed, but the whole industry is still moving in a positive direction of innovation and development.

   First, the product performance, market-dominant position of the product - pure water from the appearance presented a slim, two small body sizeDirection of development.

   The PRC monitoring data show that in 2018 January-September under the water line space-saving machine market share of 46.9% retail, 11.6% online. And this share, under the 2017 line accounted for only 22.9%, only 4.3% online. Further, the cartridge becomes small but also to win the filter composite from the original number. Traditional water machine filter series more, filter the most common grade 4, 5, 6 cartridges have, and some even use the water machine seven, eight, nine cartridges, consumers are often misled.

   In fact, in terms of the filtration principle, including pure water pretreatment, filtering core, end three step process, first pre-processing to achieve the initial filter tap water, also play a protected RO Reverse Osmosis the role of the membrane, RO membrane and a reverse osmosis filter tap water core, so that more clean water, and finally treated with activated carbon to achieve the end, to improve the taste. Therefore, as long as these three pure water filtration step, there is no relationship with the number of stages of the filter. Birth composite filter pure water is pure water based on the principle of the filter, the filter will be a set of multi-level, reduced without reducing the filtration step the filter stages, can not only realize the multi-stage filter with the same filtering effect of pure water, but to solve the multi-stage filter water purifier for the core frequency, high costs for the core, the problem of bulky space. So a launch by consumers, has grown to become the trend of the product.

   in the future, with the composite filter technology innovation and brand engagement to improve the degree of market space complex filter water machine will be opened further.

   According to the PRC retail monitoring data, from January to September 2018, the composite filter water machine line grew 259 percent, accounting for water purifier market share of retail sales reached 9.9%, compared to the same period last year expansion of 5.3 percentage points, an increase of 152 percent at the line, accounting for retail sales share of pure water market reached 14.1%, compared to the same period expanded 5.7 percent last year.

   Further, the prefilter had become standard. Compared to competitive products, water purifier, pre-filter brand in this market segment is relatively focused, Germany and the United States Hansixier Honeywell, Philips, and other brand firmly in the field of pre-dominated market .

   Second, on the regulations and policies, water efficiency national standard introduced to further strengthen the enterprise standard in the product development process.

   November 1, "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of" national standards into effect. This standard specifies the method for calculating water efficiency and detection of reverse osmosis water purification unit, the water and divided into five efficiency rating, set the rate of water aquaculture net red line, saving and efficient guiding consumers to buy products . Water-efficient introduction of new national standard, a product usher in development opportunities.

   From Yee monitoring data, a pure water efficiency share of retail sales machine changes, January-September 2018, 27.3% offline, online accounting for 22.4%. And water-efficient implementation of the new national standard since November 1, will lead to a water-efficient water purifier substantial growth in retail share.

   Third, at the marketing level. This year, the share of the economy has become a popular word on top of the Internet. After all walks of life are beginning to share the way the economy to survive, along with bike sharing, share charge treasure, shared cars and other consumer products to become the darling of sharing, more and more businesses to the product and "sharing" grafting hope from share a slice of the economy, so the shared water purifier was born.

   is shared purifier and the purifier of things derived a new format mode, many small companies are respected. In fact, the concept of shared water purifier is not new, as Ho Chak water purification business of leasing model, the manufacturer is responsible for installation, sale, for the core, to provide users with clean water services, users installments way to help businesses achieve cost recycling. Exacerbate

   shuffle pattern undecided

   2018, the domestic water industry reshuffle continues to ferment, especially small and medium brands, the living conditions are very worrying. Overall, the pattern of the mainstream brands is relatively stable, mainly from large changes in second and third tier brands. None of this group of professional background of water purifier business have been hit more prominent. Some small scale, lack of financial strength, market development, the company is slowly shuffling out. In addition, the 2017 and 2018 into the new entrants foreign brands have calmed down.

   from the brand structure point of view, the first camp in shipments amounted to 10 billion yuan. Respectively by the United States, Patio (plus Unilever), A.O. Smith, the composition of the cloud meters. And compared to 2017, except that the cloud-meter join.


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Bosch net drink machine and a kitchen under water purifiers

  ] between annual billings in the second camp from 100 million to 500 million yuan [123. While maintaining the same vacuum at 500 million yuan to 1 billion yuan, and the interval is still 2017, 2017, still does not have a brand to enter this zone. The second camp consists of Angel, Philips, EcoWater, sunrise Department (Four Seasons song Mu sun rain plus), can open, Hao Ze, clean water source, 3M, Pentair (Everpure plus), Gree and other brands components.

   The third camp at the threshold of 5,000 yuan. Mainly by the boss, Vantage, Green Springs, Konka, Changhong, Sloan, Qin Kang, Ainikesi composition and other brands. Overall, a major trend is the brand pattern, the pattern of the first camp is relatively stable, the second camp lineup has expanded each year, the third camp lineup in reduced year by year.

   on the brand development, in 2018 and 2017 compared to the more significant features are: 2017 and the first half of 2018 to enter the Chinese market, a large number of foreign brands basically hard to find.

   Looking at 2018, the entire domestic water purification industry, large brand events are:

   May 18, AO Smith Electric global environment super production and research base was officially put into operation in Nanjing Lishui Economic Development Zone .

   June 29, the Guangdong Flying Fish Delmar Electric Groups acquisition of Philips global water purification business. After further around the whole house with water category expansion, the first half of 2019 will launch the smart toilet and water heater products.

   September 25, cloud meters listed on NASDAQ. Most of the other major brands will focus on product promotion and public welfare activities.

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