Water purification agents have also joined the expert toeach
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   water purification industry in my countrys development has been close to 30 years, experienced a product introduction, product has entered the stage of the popular stage, industry ushered in a golden period of development, a large number of water purification agents franchisees have emerged. Agents become easy, not easy to become a good agent. But now it is an excellent water purifier agents to make money era, how to become a good water purification agents to join it?

   First, know ourselves and understand the brand details

   in the water purification industry "water" deep, we must understand the market, especially to understand the history, development and current situation of water purifier business, so know ourselves, is the prerequisite for becoming an excellent water purifier agents to make money. Today, the water purification industry with broad market demand, greater profit margins, to attract a large number of water purification agents to join. However, water purification agents must be understood in the choice of a full range of brands, in order to reduce operational risks. We must first understand the water purifier brand, joining policy, brand strategy, factory service systems, product price and so on. In short, in the context of the development of the huge potential for water purification industry, water purification agents want to join must be done five to understand, in order to reduce investment risk and achieve the ultimate goal of profitability.

   Second, a reasonable location

   In many cases, joined the shop location is half the battle.

  , for a water purifier to join, the site is an important issue. This is called environmental determinism, market management decisions, business decisions rather than market. It is said that success factors shop in position accounted for 70%, although some exaggeration, but the importance of the franchise site selection visible. Determine water purifier franchise business address is reasonable, you must meet the following four basic conditions: geographical environment, transportation, population coverage, the shop area

   Third, the purchase link cautious cards

   net how to join the store brand water heater dealer profit is a matter of concern, in fact, store profit or not has a great relationship with the product positioning and purchase links. Previous water purifier stores a large number of store goods, a large number of Distribution, and then drag models, can not lead to its own flexible business direction changes, it has become increasingly unsuited to the current status of fast water purifier market. Water purifier dealers to operate a good franchise, in addition to have the financial strength and good sales skills, the most crucial point is to grasp the part of the purchase, but be careful of the cards in the purchase of the session.This requires prospective purchase just the right number of agents, the purchase and positioning the combination, and get more support of manufacturers.

   Fourth, management

   at this stage there are too many water purification plant and the management model between agents, but agents, it is necessary to identify their own positioning, for their own is the best. With the rapid social and economic development, promote the rapid development of all walks of life, but also accompanied by a lot of competition and pressure. For water purification industry, joined the business, store rents rising, large product competition, utilities can only rise, labor costs and other fees to the operators to bring a lot of problems, water purifiers stores daily operations problems many of the details. So, how to master franchisee of the water purifier franchise operation and management methods? I believe that there must be setting a quota for posts and systems, and improving information and brand awareness. Open up new customers and old customers on the basis of guarantees on.

   water purification agents in order to make money, it is necessary to carry their own life experiences. Site selection, choose manufacturers, selected aspects of the purchase, the election management methods, the choice of quality customers are all important factors, a lack of will "with twice the power half." Water purifier industry market space is still very great, in order from Fengeng to think more dealers need the direction of development.

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