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  What are the problems the source water? Traditional water treatment process we can trust you Author: Tim net water purification Views: 1143 Published: 2014-12-17 16:20:37 bring to life the change from economic development, but industrial waste, agricultural chemicals the emissions and groundwater reservoirs, Jiang, Hu Park are all caused some degree of pollution. To ensure the safety of domestic water, domestic water plant uses chlorination process for processing, but the recent security issue has been questioned tap water, source water pollution continue, the conventional water treatment processes can we trust it? Many people with heart can not help such a question. Here, we work together to understand what are the problems at the source of the water. 婧愭按闂,鎭噣鍑€姘? width= According to data compilation, the source water at present the following major problems: 1, sand, iron: poor taste, induced liver disease; 2, bacteria, viruses, parasites: generating diarrhea when ingested, infectious conjunctival inflammation, schistosomiasis; 3, cyanide and heavy metals: intoxication, diseases of the nervous system to produce; 4, chlorinated byproduct: induce various cancer diseases. In this regard, general manager Tim net water purification Makai Yun said that the traditional way of drinking water has been a threat to human health, water purifier is nowadays the most popular way of drinking water way, it is the latest way of drinking water. Water purifier can effectively remove all kinds of pollutants in water, let the water after purification reached drink standards. Tim net water purifier using the worlds top technology and materials, purification filter through grade 5, 99% removal of heavy metals, namely to achieve the effect of filtering the drink, convenient, easy to solve the problem of water quality in any family, to the human body a pure interior space, water purifier will be your strong side water quality protection, as more families to send healthy water!

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