Purifier companies need to take precautions nowo overcome pr
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is still in the water purification industry has not yet fully mature stage of development, consumer recognizable brands of water purifiers is not high, so todays big Illustrious few water purifier brand, water purifier business is still small hold sway. May forward with the development of water purification industry, the dominance of small and medium enterprises will be deprived of a short time. In this predictable predicament, how small and medium enterprises water purifiers against all odds, to seek long-term development, water purifiers entrepreneurs had to start a rainy day.

   the most important: the quality of

   product quality problems, the problem will always be a top priority of business development. Compared to mature enterprises, small and medium enterprises more creative, due to the small size, they can based on the traditional model, based on the use of new marketing methods to quickly break through the market, to seize market share. But the scale of such enterprises is limited, restricted production capacity, if the rapid expansion, the result is: production go up, the quality has declined. In fact, these examples are common. "So, tolerant of enterprises continue to move forward, and impatient companies are left behind." Insiders said.

   to worry about: service issues

   for the rapid expansion of small and medium enterprises, "hurt" not only products, as well as follow-up services company. Because when rapid business expansion, the management team will keep up the pace of development, resulting in major department docking problems, so easily lead to follow-up service flaws, or poor quality and other issues. In addition, excessive dumping water purification products can also cause rapid growth in the cost of services, making the company appeared to be inadequate in terms of financial support and service personnel reserve, etc. will be. Therefore, small and medium enterprises in the development of the occasion, should be developed to match the business strategy, in order to unify all the links, avoid lead and lag phenomenon.

   marketing difficult: Merchants problem

   In addition, as a small water purifier business an important channel of distribution, meaning a huge investment for enterprise development. So, some small and medium enterprises to expand water purifier is a major goal is naturally sought to cover the major domestic franchise area. Therefore, many small and medium enterprises in order to seek water purifier investment scale, blindly expand the city, some in order to recruit franchisees, and even lower investment requirements. The end result is that the amount of investment reached, geographic coverage area up, but, dealers complain too much. It is understood that in recent years, such as dealers accused of businessNews does not fulfill promises of frequent occurrence, most of the water purifier business and the franchisee after the signing of the basic agreement to join the dealer ignore a lot of support can not be put in place. The root causes of such phenomena are: Merchants many small and medium-scale water purifier business has gone far beyond its control scale, enterprise management and the capacity can not.

   In summary, small and medium enterprises is in rapid development period, it has spirit, but also easy to be too hasty. Experts believe that this is normal state, as long as these companies can change their attitude, good long-term development strategy, will be able to achieve a breakthrough in the industry.

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