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   HC net water purifier water purifier is now becoming increasingly popular, However, people enjoy the safety of drinking water, but also very concerned about the cost of daily use. In cost water purifier, power consumption is almost negligible, but it is water purifier filter consumables, filter replacement cost is the cost of bulk water purifier. So how long water purifier filter change time? There is no uniform standard? Heres a listen insiders say.

   See cycle and materials suppliers, long-life filter compound

   Different filter materials, replacement cycle is different. For example, the cycle PP cotton filter material generally used for 3-6 months. Cycle membrane filter is generally used is 1 to 2 years. Cycle using granular activated carbon filter typically 9 to 24 months periods RO membrane cartridge used is generally 1 to 2 years. Water purifier filter how long for once? Different suppliers, different standards of quality, filter life are not the same. RO membrane cartridge such as the same is, different vendors filter cycle, the filter effect and the like are not the same.

   For example, the choice of RO membrane J330 boss versatile wash water purifier drink from Hydranautics, which is an RO membrane art top international suppliers, not only the production of RO membrane filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micron, ordinary water purifier filter can not filter out heavy metals, viruses, microbes and other harmful substances. But also has the characteristics of high long-lasting life, high dirt holding capacity, water rate of yield, the RO membrane cartridge package life cycle up to 2 years, more than most other RO membrane suppliers.

   also to be noted that the compound of formula longer life than a single filter cartridge. This is because the filter element composite of a plurality of different materials used, division of labor, reduce their "workload" avoid the rapid aging of the case using a single filter caused high strength, filter clogging and the like.

   In an example J330 boss purifier, which uses four filters. Direct drinking water system uses the CTO UF membrane filter carbon filter + + triplet RO membrane filter inlet Hyde U.S. suite, not only better filtration, and the "golden combination" This compound also prolongs the respective filterCartridge life cycle. Cycle and calculated in accordance with the cost for the core, J330 cost of water per day is less than 2.5 million. If we count the recent promotions, four years ago that figure the cost of water can be as low as about 1.2 yuan a day. Only half a bottle of pure water price, can make the whole family to drink, access to clean safe water, healthy taste good, cost can be very high.

   filter replacement sore point: the high cost of home services

   Many traditional water purification lack of R & D investment, the use is not user-friendly design. Every time you install, replace the filter also need professional sales team on-site, so each site service fees add up, you may soon exceed the price of water purifiers, so many consumers to respect "the pit." And replace the filter yourself, no professional knowledge of basic utilities and specialized tools, but also worried about damage to the filter. Simply dilemma.

   of the above-mentioned boss purifier J330 is no problem. It uses one of the Snap-filter, no sale door that he will be able to "1 second for the core" for the core more secure, convenient and save money.

   to buy water purifier filter should not only look, but also take into account the experience

   However, the filter, while important, can not look to buy a water purifier filters, also taking into account the daily experience. For example, many of the traditional water purifiers pure water and life share a faucet water purification, both affect the results, and inconvenient. There are many living water purifier water purifier slow speed, wash fruits also so-so, like vegetables, washing dishes that require a larger amount of water rinse, and on the "powerless", not only a waste of time, experience is very bad .

   The boss mentioned above wash drinking water purifier J330 Almighty would not have this trouble. It uses double-around design water, a water faucet, water flows up to 1L / sec, about 5 seconds to take full glass of water, fresh water, i.e. good drink filtered off. Living water flow of up to 7L / min, flow rate comparable to tap water, vegetables, washing dishes, washing hands can be used water, easy to feel at ease, improve user experience by a mile.

   above to introduce the issue of how long change once the water purifier filter, the filter aspects of knowledge, we are not finished "catch-up" the


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