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Compared with the traditional home appliances agents, a professional team composed of store network is not complicated, but there are a lot of water purifier business sigh online or not develop, investigate what are the reasons ? the following is a summary of the essential conditions for small series of water purification business operations online store.


direction of the character type - Director of Operations.


Director of Operations is responsible for running the shop. Shop grasp the general direction of development, a higher level of Director of Operations must first know how to sell home appliances. Therefore, you can choose from the traditional home appliance channel business talent, and then learn some knowledge management aspects of the network, you basically can do the job. However, if no sales experience in home appliance products, training time to take longer, generally two to three years.

   - fail characters - customer service.

   shop customer service and the general sense of customer service are not the same, some of them more responsibilities, in addition to the sales communication with buyers, shipping is also responsible for some of the warehouse management. Seemingly small, but has a decisive effect on the deal work.

   required for a particular customer service farming given time.

   online shoppers, generally concentrated in the morning around ten oclock; concentrated in the afternoon about four oclock, that is, before commuting, half-past ten to nine at night, but also net purchase of rush hour. Schedule from 9 in the morning until eleven or twelve at night. Therefore, the shop schedule to coincide with the consumers shopping time. If you follow the pattern toward the nine to five, just go to work not yet entered the state, shopping peak has come and there will be a lack of readiness; to the peak of the afternoon shopping, consumers should work, the customer service staff have to work, and all in no mood to sell things, you will lose a large number of orders. If orders at night at home, then, there is no good working condition, there is no good supervision, how efficient will it?

   to do so in order to shop, be sure to adjust the customer service staff work schedules, to do in accordance with the rules of Taobao. So, open shop must be made on two shifts, day shift work before half past eight, five oclock after get off work; people four oclock to go to work the night shift twelve oclock from get off work. And to be together centralized office. And not a man loosely on duty. Point to three day shopping is most concentrated in prime time, and therefore, customer service day shift and night shift a week by turnsTimes, so that everyone can fully enjoy peak sales performance.

   the requirements for customer service, in fact, do not have too much education, so long as vocational or technical secondary school graduates, but requires a strong sense of service, good service attitude, be able to put yourself in the buyer solve the problem.

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