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   a good method can make good results. Water purifier market, many dealers terminal promotional activities, practice is very shocking, but disappointing results, no improvement. Like many car dealers use of publicity through the streets, and only travel day, or a week only travel once or twice a month just swim, so the lap of propaganda, "like a sieve", a leaf boat in the sea how many waves, Pan can not afford, an ordinary day, not be of much publicity effect. Water purifier sales increase: the promotion of a comprehensive and lasting effective.

   If the continuous one week or two weeks to do immediate effect. A good grasp of marketing efforts, branding, design, design a good car parade, a car propaganda in several lots, publicity and perhaps less than half an hour, there is a customer came to the door consulted, in such a way to promote one to two weeks, almost Talk of the town, known to all. The effect will be surprisingly good.

   On the other hand, hair leaflets, many dealers order to save money, to use simple black and white A4 paper printing, distributed in the streets where turnover rate, the results are a lot of single throw ? all over the floor, really a pity ah, how effective is it distributed leaflets you need to do the following three points:

   1, targeted distribution, to send potential customers prior to the event, Do not telling anyone hair.

   2, directly to the municipal departments, enterprises, social organizations intensive local distribution.

   3, against human face or hair or in the home mailbox message box.

   to passers-by to explain the distribution of the same, can attract more people to come to understand, leaflets usage may be able to up to 40%, so that the leaflets to the content, design, distribution mode, and other ways to explain consider more details on integration, there are nearly 100 in 30 but more customers to produce each of the faction issued a purchase intention, the effect will be much better than just telling anyone to send ah, man proposes, God disposes, no the method used, with the result did not think so good. Water purifier sales increase: the promotion of a comprehensive and lasting effective.

   then the water purifier dealers how it can do to control costs?

   The main way to promote first determined. Promotion of many ways, do not do anything, there is no distinction between them, taking into account cost, while also taking into account the effect of the problem. Water purifiers increase sales: PromotionComprehensive and lasting to be effective. Advertising leaflets, car parade, body advertising, advertising signs, electronic screen advertising, newspaper advertising, publicity and lion dances, street banners, street arches, SMS, procession and so on. Obviously, the dealer does not have to spend all the way, to a high cost, and secondly, is not necessary. So proxy operators who according to the specific circumstances of the local market, consumer demand, to choose the way of promotion, generally twelve kinds of promotional methods based, twelve kinds of promotional methods, supplemented, so that both control costs, but also the actual play of publicity. In general county, with this form of promotion, one to two months, to promote cost control in five thousand like, the content of propaganda without question, the publicity will be very obvious.

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