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   How to below investment wave filled the big health industry, to capture the zero-risk investments? Yimeite chairman Zhang Heng replied this way: "To achieve zero risk, companies first need to have three elements, the first choice of profession, and second choice for enterprises, third is the management team."

   As a focus in high-tech research and development, brand management and operation of water treatment specialist, Yimeite plan three years in the country with the county as a unit, out of the tens of thousands of century-old heritage can.


   As for the domestic market share of less than 10% of the water industry, the Ibero-American ample opportunity to capture the unique market. In addition, master of nearly 200 patents, with independent R & D capabilities Yimeite coverage after 50 and after 80 professional leadership team, to achieve full integration on the concept of brand management and strategy, play each other effect.


   is called for adhering to the national "public entrepreneurship and innovation", July 26, Yimeite new marketing new products and wealth sail the General Assembly held in Shanghai, China National shooting team head coach Wang Yifu ISSF Vice-President, former national shooting team coach Xue preservation, honorary chairman of Chinese painting and calligraphy Institute Liude Zhao, Secretary-General of the Shanghai household appliances industry association Li Fuchun and other guests from all walks of life and Yimeite chairman Zhang Heng led a public enterprise leaders, experts gathered to share a bond with Yimeite clean water, enterprises witnessed steady development in recent years, thus demystify Yimeite new marketing, new products, new wealth.


   in the General Assembly set sail on Yimeite chairman Zhang Heng also shared her story with the water industry, bit by bit. As the 80 women entrepreneurs on behalf of the first generation born in the families of clean water, hope that more Chinese people have healthy drinking water of life. She admits: "Although people will be divided into various levels of economic capability, but it is time for the health and equality, we can not allow your body to act as the bodys filter.", Explaining entrepreneur mind the world of brands responsibility.

   accompanied by growing economic development, the extent of national health concerns have become more sophisticated, Yimeite as the provision of clean water and air for human intelligence was of the household products business, ahead of the smell. " Internet + health "program of the new marketing modelOpportunity, creating innovative models Jinyintong agents sent three levels. Yimeite wants to use the opportunity to sail the General Assembly, and fully mobilize the masses of ordinary consumer, the more consumers into the operators, to promote the brands marketing and new marketing model of sustainable development.

   Yimeite is a research and development, production, sales specializing in environmental home appliance products, high-tech enterprises in more than 60 countries and regions, renowned for seven consecutive years the countrys leading export, is based water treatment industry international enterprise. Enterprise has always been implementing the public service for the benefit of society, health concerns, people-centered development purposes, to improve the health of the people and make unremitting efforts.

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