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   water purifier to join the agency, adding fresh water to tell you how to do community promotion? Water purification agents how to enter the community promotion? Many brand water purification industry, intense competition, water purification agents want to expand the market, the demand for investment twelfth of the spirit. Because sometimes carelessness of investments ended in failure, but as long as we choose water purifier brand tricky, basic business also won half the battle. Water purifiers to the community to do the promotion is a way of selling many franchisees will be used, but in what ways do? Check it out now with fresh water plus small series together.



   district is implementing water purification agents to join our expanding consumer stores a group of very effective way, here we add fresh water purifier learned over the years related Some methods to promote community water purifier, hoping to help you.

   a, Market Research: We think the time to do a residential real estate promotion, need to constantly fieldwork, analyzing the situation with the demand for real estate owners decoration, the actual control information and user community information, as far as possible in a targeted planning of the residential real estate promotional activities.

   Second, gathering information: dispatch area marketing representative, the head of the investigation division of the crew, expand the district investigation, gathering area each household family members combined, the total level of income and expectations processing information which drinking water problems.

   Third, homework preparation: community promotion held before, to arrange staff, site layout, cost items and products well prepared to prevent confusion that may occur when there is activity situation.

   Fourth, establish a good relationship with the property: for cell implementation to obtain the consent of the property, and notify the contact time to promote the property management department of the district, establish a good emotional relationship, without the need for capital or lower cost to enter, and if all aspects of the property to get support during implementation, will reach a multiplier effect.

   Fifth, to provide customers with a warm experience: when agents in the promotion of our water purifier to join, it is necessary to carefully district residentsCommentary knowledge related to water purifiers, commentary from various parts of the usefulness of the site and then try to drink clean water principle, not only to improve knowledge of water purification district residents, leaving them a deep understanding of the need for our water purifier installed.

   Sixth, do the registration work: There may be some site owners direct deal, of course, there will be some owners to demand a little thought, that registers the needs of owners of related information, late Call tracking work to be done in place, most likely to become your customers. Water purifier franchisee in order to make the implementation of the cell, to the points listed above can well help you complete the program. In addition, water purifiers top ten brands of fresh water added in time to participate in the water industry for many years was also summarizes the experience of many other aspects of technology, wait for more to share with you.

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