-Often drink pure water leads to calcium loss- is not scienc
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  "Often drink pure water leads to calcium loss" is not science Time: 2017-08-1115: 35: 282 017 Chinese food Chinese food rumor rumor Forum on intelligent alarm processing platform line on July 6 ceremony held in Beijing. Chinese Center for Environment and Health researcher E Miller said at the forum, there is no scientific evidence that pure water can cause loss of calcium in the body, but also the lack of sufficient scientific evidence "clean drinking water is harmful to health," saying, in line with standard disease prevention pure water is safe and sound, consumers can choose according to their needs. July 6, 2017 Chinese food rumor Forum held in Beijing. Chinese Center for Disease Control and Environmental Health researcher E Miller spoke at the meeting. 2015, Health and Family Planning Commission issued "national food safety standards Packaged Drinking Water" (GB19298-2014). E Miller, the new national standard applicable to natural mineral water in addition to the direct consumption of packaged drinking water, will be on the market after pure water, distilled water, natural water, mountain spring water into a unified regulatory standards in different categories. Currently on the market only bottled water into pure drinking water, drinking water and other categories. Water as drinking water production source water, by distillation, electrodialysis, ion exchange, reverse osmosis or other suitable water purification process, made of a bottled water processing. Other natural sources of drinking water is drinking water does not substantially change the physical chemical characteristics. For the role of water in the body, E Miller pointed out, one nutrient carrier; the second is soluble metabolites;? Third, lubricate joints role; Fourth, the role of regulating body temperature; Fifth, ensure that the body running. "Recently, after some media reports, the students drank pure water had rickets, these reports are not true, any conclusions are drawn by scientific proof, and now this information and no scientific basis." Said Richard E . For various arguments water, E Miller hopes the news media take an objective, impartial, scientific attitude, correct dissemination of knowledge to the public drinking water, not rumors, "amplifier", "mouthpiece." E Miller finally stressed that national standards for clean drinking water is, after experts released by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and the Ministry of Health, are protected by state laws. "Purified drinking water is harmful to health," the statement lacks adequate scientific basis, the market for sale of all kinds of aquatic products, provided that they meet the national standard is safe and sound, safe to drink. From: Xinhua

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