Water purifiers into a fine decoration market potential for
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   Water is the source of life, the impact between the water quality is closely linked with the biological, in particular, more closely related to the quality of peoples lives and health of drinking water quality. But with the rapid development of modern industry, secondary pollution of water bodies by industrial waste chemical pollution, car exhaust, pesticides and other organic matter, as well as water pipes network, home terminal water purifier to be the best choice for people to fight against water pollution problems .

   water purifier configured rate to rise year by year

   According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) Monitoring data show large real estate: 2019Q1 estate fine decoration market size of 511,000 units, an increase of 7.0% fine decoration market held steady, which refined decoration market water purification products supporting the scale of 68,000 units, an increase of 25.2%, water purifiers, rapid growth, and the fine decoration market water purifier product configuration rate to rise year by year, 2019Q1 fine the renovation market water purifier configured rate of 13.4%, an increase of 1.9 percentage points. The reason, on the one hand the water purification industry in China started relatively late, on the other hand to improve the quality of life, water pollution situation and peoples awakening awareness of healthy drinking water, the current water purifier has entered a period of rapid development, water purification large market potential, good prospects.


   on the fine decoration market, regardless of the configuration of the calendar year from the rate rise, the level of support from the city or trend, is not difficult to see that the water purifier has a huge market potential. Compared to developed countries, the domestic water purifier market there is still much room for development.

   Orville cloud network (AVC) predicted full-year 2019 refined decoration water purifier market demand will more than 450,000 units, an increase of more than 30%. Water purifier is bound to become the necessities of life, prospects for the future can be expected.

   (Source: water industry brand alliances - public number, invasion deleted)

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