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2020 annual "two sessions" has been successfully concluded. 2020 will undoubtedly be a special year, affected by the epidemic, two sessions this year, compared with the usual delayed for over two months held across the country also have more expectations for the topic and the results of the two sessions.


Two sessions this year, the delegates were proposals generally the times, many issues are at the moment some of the new social problems as a starting point. In the field of home appliances, many industry heavyweights proposal also revolves around things, new infrastructure, artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, innovation, industrial and other current hot spots, high concern outside the industry.


Xiao Bian combed the proposal of several industry heavyweights, lets take a look at what they have constructive views on it.



Haier Zhou Yunjie: to build a safe and reliable GB system

   focusing new infrastructure, GB system into appliances bigwigs focus. NPC deputy and president of Haier Group Zhou Yunjie submitted five NPC and CPPCC proposals involving industrial Internet, smart home, biomedical and other fields.

   Zhou Yunjie recommended by the main home appliance chain enterprises take the lead, the integration of industry and upstream and downstream enterprises, high-end smart appliances to create a national innovation center, and then 3--5 years to complete a series of smart home safe and reliable standards and testing building certification system, mutual trust and support of family wisdom, interconnection, interoperability development. On this basis, the completion of a safe and reliable new smart home ecosystem formats covered by the building, to ensure the ecological wisdom of our global family continues to lead the industry and national home-based public safety.


United States Li Jinbo: speed up infrastructure artificial intelligence, networking and other

   Thirteenth National Peoples Congress, director of the US home air conditioning Li Jinbo Innovation Center Group presented this year include increased promotion of new industrial infrastructure Internet development, improvement of basic scientific research into the structure, accelerate the transformation exact number of copies recommendations of scientific research and so on, hoping to speed up infrastructure construction to promote artificial intelligence, networking, etc., to promote the industrial development of the Internet in future.

   Li Jinbo, said the arrival of 5G commercial will promote the industrial development of the Internet. Internet industry in order to develop better, more importantly, is willing to invest their own resources to do the transformation. Recommendations (R & D program focused on key national projects) the introduction of high-tech private enterprises proportion (participation) is not less than30%.

   The face of the epidemic, Li Jinbo believes that power companies can also become an important complement to our contingency reserve force, at the time of public crisis, to guide more enterprises to join hands with the government to respond. In his view, the state may authorize certain qualified or conditions, the ability of enterprises to participate in the fight against SARS, give full play to social forces to promote disease prevention and control and socio-economic development. In addition, he suggested that the government support for large multinational companies take advantage of global marketing network and industrial chain advantage, etc., to enhance their ability to deal with public crises.

   Gree Dong Mingzhu: manufacturing industry key lies in innovation

   performance of their duties fourth consecutive National Peoples Congress, Dong Mingzhu Gree Electric chairman and president of Chinas manufacturing industry will continue to focus on innovation, independent technology and patent protection and other issues.

   This year is the 18th year of Dong Mingzhu deputies career. Has repeatedly talk about "innovation" on different occasions. Dong Mingzhu said that Chinese manufacturing to the world, must address the core issue is the ability to innovate. "Chinas manufacturing industry today is not the pursuit of profit and the line, have a sense of mission."

   TCL Li Dongsheng: technological innovation needs of national strength

   on the two sessions, the National Peoples Congress this year , vice chairman of the National Federation of Industry, TCL chairman Li Dongsheng technology to bring three suggestions to Beijing, one of which is the proposal for the establishment of core technology to support competitiveness in the new display area.

   Li Dongsheng, TCL echo display technology in the semiconductor industry to achieve from technology to catch up with determination techniques beyond. This year, the epidemic trends show accelerating the semiconductor industry and overseas manufacturers exit the industrial chain transfer to China. As one of the worlds two core foundation of electronic information industry, after years of accumulation efficiency and scale advantages, semiconductor display Chinas most promising one of the worlds leading industry.

   Zhang Jindong, Suning: the peoples livelihood and the digital economy

   as the National Peoples Congress, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Holdings also put forward their own two sessions suggested that the focus comes to intelligence community, wisdom logistics new infrastructure sector.


In addition, Zhang Jindong, data sharing difficulties, difficulties in financing small and micro enterprises and other industries and social issues are also practical recommendations, such as promoting the socialization of public data sharing, data sharing guarantee safe and controlled; the financial support of Based on the introduction of industrial strengthTo achieve comprehensive support to small and micro enterprises; enhance intelligence community-based facilities, the establishment of full-scene operational service system.


Rongshida Pan Baochun: recommended the establishment of small micro-enterprise financial policies to support special inspection tour group


National Peoples Congress, Hefei Rongshida Electronic Appliance Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Pan Baochun suggested that the financial system will support small and medium micro-enterprise development to carry out special inspections, in order to promote the effective flow of funds policy small and medium micro enterprises.


Pan Baochun in motion proposals, one co-ordinated by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Control Yuan, Control Yuan is the main local discipline inspection at all levels, the establishment of small and medium micro-enterprise special financial support policies visits to check the group; the second is the system inspection tour capital flows, financial institutions and the local governments policy to support small and medium micro enterprises, and timely correction based on test results; Third, a comprehensive inspection of the use of funds of various types of small and medium micro enterprise support fund, effectively promote industrial support fund flows to small and medium micro enterprises . Thorough investigation of the regulatory responsibility of industry support fund. Put an end to the real economy funds idling causes, particularly high medium and small micro-enterprise financing costs, financing difficulties have taken concrete steps to support small and medium micro enterprises and healthy development; fourth is found based on inspections of the financial system to support other issues of small and medium micro-enterprise development exists urge rectification, promote the reform of the financial system, compaction responsibility of financial instruments to promote small and medium micro enterprises development of long-term health.


written in the last


since last year, the home appliance industry enormous pressure. As of the end of May, the market has shown a clear recovery trend, industry upgrade is the time, but in the new situation, and actively embrace the new technology, so that appliances and things, new infrastructure, artificial intelligence, 5G these new things and the depth of integration is the industrys fast the only way out of the shadows.

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