What are misunderstanding the concept of drinkg water
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   Many people think that tap water is sterilized can drink directly, in fact, this is a misunderstanding of drinking water, the drinking misunderstanding of the concept, what does? Xiaobian tell you the answer.




often hear people saying that we must develop proper drinking habits, drinking habits then what right is it? In fact, every day is very simple to rationing of water, but also to ensure that a minimum of 2.5L of water a day job, in life many people in the water aspects misunderstanding, lets let Xiaobian to introduce the concept of drinking water Mistakes What?


1, tap water is safe to drink


water quality of tap water in some developed countries has not yet reached the level of the water drinkable. In this case, the boil water before drinking it is the most economical method of disinfection of health.


2, bottled water convenient health


bottled water tub accommodating be recycled repeatedly, over time, is likely to cause fungal infections. Those who are not regular manufacturers of products, hygiene more difficult to guarantee. Drinking fountains in the water due to repeated boiling, heat, likely to cause mineral deposits, also affect health.


3, purified water, the healthiest


pure water too "pure", all the minerals and trace elements were filtered, and have actually not good for health.


4, "health drink" can drink currently on the market a lot of "health drink" contains sugar, food coloring and food additives, although there is no clear studies show that harmful, but it does not mean that they certainly harmless. Children in particular are in the growth and development stage, should drink less sugary drinks.


5, iced water, sanitation sterile


An important incentive for many intestinal diarrhea onset is uncontrolled drinking iced water. Drinking unboiled water diarrhea is common sense, can be for iced water, there are many people misunderstanding, many people even think that cold is a good method of disinfection. In fact, at 0-4 degrees Celsius cold environment, bacteria can still breed, can not guarantee health. From a medical point of view, summer, human gastric acid secretion is relatively small, drink a lot of iced water, cold beer would further dilute the acid, resulting in intestinal disorders, which bring many related diseases.


6, the more pure water as possible because the body fluids is slightly alkaline, while pure water was acidic, if long-term intake of drinking water is slightly acidic water, the in vivo environment will be destroyed. A large number of clean drinking water is common in daily life misunderstanding of drinking water, pure water will take away useful trace elements in the human body, thereby reducing the bodys immune system, prone to disease.


7, only thirst-quenching drink clean, safe, healthy drinking water is the cheapest most effective health products. Because all cell metabolism can not do without water, but also drink enough water so that the cells can promote metabolism, improve their resistance and immunity. In addition, the drinking water in the body can dilute protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, salts and other nutrients, in order to facilitate the absorption of the human body.


8, one-sided emphasis on mineral water, mineral water, as many people in daily life drinking water. When the mineral content in water exceeded, hazardous to human health. For example, when the iodide content in the drinking water of 0.02-0.05 mg / L, beneficial to human body, more than 0.05 mg / liter thrown iodine poisoning.


9, drinking water, drinks and beverages = not functionally equivalent. As the drinks contain sugar and protein, but also add a lot of flavor and color, not an easy one to hunger after drinking. Therefore, not only would not achieve the role of the body to "pay", but also reduces appetite, affect digestion and absorption.


The above is a common misunderstanding drinking small series to introduce nine lives, we try to avoid it later in life, at the same time learn some knowledge of small household drinking water, let the family drink healthy drinking water .




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