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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, Lequan Analysis: water purification agents and dealers to make money Road; household water purification agents how to resolve pleasure to continue to make money. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (0627--. 07 03) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   Victor purifier: seize the consumer goods rely on force and service force

   "Warranty during the period, water purifiers bad unconditionally all free maintenance! "," all interpretation of all users! "," user homes, maintenance will be as easy as online shopping! easy, "said than done. No matter which link is head - to spend real money! As we all know, water purifier itself is price is not high, but also promises a good one-year free maintenance unconditional commitment to Victor water purifier really have the strength? The answer is definitely yes and April 9, 2016, Victor purifier "spring inspection" after-sales service team in Chongqing rain came, they maintain free inspection for the old customers, providing active-site service, early detection and operation and maintenance, let this spring with a worry-free "water." [Click for more]

   Wright told the reasons for the success of the distribution of water purification agents

   In recent years, the water purification industry has been developing rapidly, more and more people want to join the net water proxy up. But many people think, but few people do. Although the water purification industry has entered China 20 years ago, but the people really noticed it in recent years. So do not dare want to do more is the lack of experience and lack of clean water related information of people, to do for fear of accidentally smashed, lost money. In fact, if you really want to do water purification agents, now is the best time, although competition is more intense, but compared to the future will certainly be much more relaxed compared with the previous, but also to collect some experience, but also to avoid detours Ok. So what is the reason agent of water purifiers will be successful is it? We can take a look with the small series. [Click for more]

   An expert Star: water purifier knowledge of marketing to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

   is now in the growing market for water purifiers case, why are many consumers do not want to Buy a home water purifier it? affect the consumers to buy fake manufacturers an important factorNeed too much publicity, leading consumers do not trust the water purifier. Faced with this problem, the star of the security experts believe that the manufacturers want to eliminate water purifier water purifier hesitant consumer psychology, brand recognition will need to apply knowledge of marketing to enhance brand awareness, increase product sales. As long as the clever use of water purifier business marketing knowledge, we will be able to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Marketing water purifier knowledge can start from the following aspects: [Click for more]

   Victor purifier: water purifier select domestic market was mixed into the problem

   Water is the source of human life people living without water. With the national industrial development, water pollution situation had become worse. The national mainstream media have also been reported in turns, its current situation shocking. Professional data show that my country currently more than 80% of rivers and lakes are polluted to varying degrees, irrigation, drinking water etc residents affected to varying degrees. Healthy drinking water more and more difficult, and therefore water purifier by many people of all ages, which gradually into peoples lives. [Click for more]

   Lu Quan talk about how water purification agents franchisee to open up their markets

   How to open up the water purifier market? The main condition is to do market observation. Water purification products into millions of households can not do without agents around the franchisee, the franchisee to be successful proxy inseparable from their understanding of the market, in fact a proxy for the market if the franchisee is not careful observation, not make clear analysis of the analysis, he can not see the market potential; observe the market is the first step in proxy franchisee bigger and stronger of the most crucial point. [Click for more]

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